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In recent years, there have been an astonishing number of pioneering
discoveries in science. However, I believe more can be done in medicine as we
have a worldwide ageing population with diseases, such as cancer, affecting
many sufferers and their families. I wish to study medical science, as I would
like to examine conditions such as this but also investigate other aspects of
the medical field such as human anatomy. Having had a close family member
diagnosed with cancer, I’ve been exposed to the fragilities of the human body
from a young age. Even though watching the slow deterioration has been
distressing, I have also found it very interesting to see how such a
complicated body can have large changes due to a disorder. As a result of this
personal experience, I have developed a passion to study the intricacy of the
human body. I have always been intrigued to find out more about different
diseases so I often research them as thoroughly as possible using the NHS
website and I have kept an account of the research I have been conducting.

For me to pursue a career in this specific field, I felt I would
need to see the effect of diseases. This is why I volunteered in a care home
for one week. I ended up spending most of my time with an old man who suffered
from Alzheimer’s disease. At first it was difficult to connect with the man,
however, as a few days passed and I spent more time with him, I started to see
how difficult it could be for these people. I also started helping him more and
spending more time talking to him, which I really enjoyed. Witnessing a man
unable to remember his family members and his life due to a condition I know so
little about was a real eye opener, as I realised there is much more we can do
and learn.

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As well as this, I gained two weeks work experience at a veterinary
clinic, which was useful for my self-development as it was necessary for me to
respond well with clients. It also made me realise that I prefer working with
people rather than animals as I enjoy listening to every individual’s journey.

In order to keep well informed about worldly affairs, I
regularly read the news and enjoy discussing it amongst other classmates. Another
interest I possess is attending art workshops and life-drawing classes. Attending
these life-drawing classes has made me curious about the structures and anatomy
of the human body.

My fascination for human biology has prompted me to study
medical science and this can be seen through my A-level choices. Biology has
shown me how efficient our human body is, with the brain being the center of
all bodily functions. I also take psychology, which has made me realise that
there is so much more we can learn about human behaviour. I attended a medicine
and psychology conference, which included speeches and workshops from doctors.
When I heard the different speeches I found that I am more interested in the
research and treatment of diseases as there are so many, which do not have a
clear explanation of.

Being active is extremely important to me. I took part in NCS
for 3 weeks, which has strengthened communication skills, as I had to take
control of unanticipated situations therefore enhancing my abilities as a
leader and a significant team player. We raised money for Cancer Research and I
developed my public speaking skills.

It will never fail to surprise me how humans have made so much
progress in understanding something as vast as the solar system, yet we still
have not fully understood the diseases that affect us and our body; something
which is so directly relevant to us. This is why I would like to pursue a
career in medicine after my degree. As well as this I would like to help make a
difference and save peoples lives. My aim for the future is to help treat
people who are not fortunate enough to have proper medical treatment. For us to
understand many diseases and treatments is challenging but I believe I am more
than ready to join the rapidly developing medical field.

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