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In their study, Yousaf
and Shehzad (2013) looked for the positive and negative impacts of television advertisements
among the educated and uneducated youths living in Pakistan. Results show that an
average of 2 hours per day were spent on TV commercials by the out of school youths
and youths that are in school spends less than 2 hours per day in watching advertisements.

According the
study of Ball State University on the media consumption habits of average
Americans, even though Internet is very popular, television is still the
dominant medium in most U.S. households.

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The average
population watches four and a half hours of television. This gives ideas to
coffee shop owners to still spend money on TV and radio promotions.

With all its
advantages, TV and radio ads also have disadvantages. When your promotional
advertisement is scheduled for late nights, then most likely there will be less
number of people who can see it.

Your promotional
advertisement will only be popular if it is aired near a popular show.

 Another thing is that producing advertisements
requires hiring writers, actors, editors, and advertising agency. These are
only a few of what these advertisements need. Here enters the promotional
advertisement through social media wherein there are less needed to promote.

In 20th century,
media and their audiences had experienced relevant changes. Since the
development of the Internet in the early 1990s the types of promotional
strategies used has evolved.

Advertising has
been transfigured by technological changes. The Internet is the major component
of intensifying the media industry.

The development
of radio and television as entertainment media in the 20th century also
attracted advertising dollars as these media began to compete with print media
for their share of annual expenses. With the rapid development of the Internet
as a commercial medium in the 1990s, the media environment became increasingly

The Internet
provides information immediately to people’s desktops, cell phones, or other
mobile devices, in color, with the capability to play music, show movies, and
accept customer-created content.

Dan Zarella’s Social Media Marketing Book, he said that social media is best
defined in the context of the previous industrial media pattern. He defined
social media as a great equalizer. Meaning to say, small businesses can stand
against large businesses when it comes to social media advertising.

 It is just in the matter of how the
advertisement catches the eye of the customer.

his book The Social Media Industries, Alan B. Albaran described social media as
the technologies or applications that people use in emerging and upholding
their social networking sites. Social media is a set of technologies and
channels targeted at carrying out and allowing a possibly massive community of
participants to productively collaborate.

The main goal of
social media is to get the people to interact with one another. Through their
interaction, the information that was disseminated in social networking sites
will spread. This development enables customers and businesses to team up on
the internet.

Internet performs many different functions, and that makes it a more adaptable
advertising medium (Shimp, 2016).  Social
media is very popular, to the point that it has exceed the popularity of


As promoters
look to advance their items based on predominant culture and poignant wants,
social media locales give an idealize vehicle to get to a more extensive number
of buyer. Social media advertising is getting to be more popular than TV

Creating a
virtual home for your business on a social media website offers you a wide
range of opportunities to increase your perceptibility with consumers.
Welcoming them to the site consents for free communication. (Simmons, L. 2017)
They can choose what products they want and get them with just one click.

networking allows for the spreading of a great deal of information about a
company or product. This information is not limited to what your company alone
puts out there, because many sites within a social media network are devoted to
consumer-collected information.


In Davao City,
most of the hospitality related businesses use social media in spreading the
word of their products. While browsing through Facebook, we can see many posts
and shared posts of the different foods offered by different cafes in the city.

Through this,
social media users became aware of the products and the location of the cafes.

          In 2007, Facebook finally let
organizations create brand pages. It was advertised, essentially, as free
marketing access to Facebook’s growing audience of highly desirable young
adults (Con 2015). This was the time where companies started benefitting in
social media.

They realized
how powerful social media marketing is. This made it possible for customers to
communicate back to the companies and that two-way communication created a big
opportunity, which caused the brand owners to react and start using social
media as a major customer service channel.

          It is crucial for retailers and
advertisers to know about the elements that influence customers’ attitudes and
motives, since buyers are progressively making content about brands, something
beforehand controlled exclusively by organizations. Subsequently, current
research has inspected what parts of online networking sites influence buyers’
attitudes and motives. 

Social media is
the media designed to interact and spread content on internet through social
interaction, they have a very high accessibility and ascendable propagation
techniques have been used in them.

Social media are
as a set of internet-based tools stabilized on web technology and conceptual
basis permitting users to create content and exchange it.

consider social media sites as serving channels where they can participate in
real-time database of businesses. Customers likeusing social media to visit
updated content.

          The popularity of social media among
friends and families is another reason why people engage in social networking
sites. Social media also lets them to research the products they prefer.

Social media
helps people find the information they want quickly, without spending too much
time looking for it.

It is also
possible to advantage from word of mouth advertising in social media and provides
popular content among friends about the possibility of online chat and friends
help company advance its objectives.

The relationship
between social media and consumer decision-making present that social media affects
advertising attitudes, brand attitudes, and purchasing behavior of consumer.

It will not
necessarily affect their decision-making, but might possess a interceding
effect. Social media can shape brand attitudes that affect buying behavior.

The good image
of brand or product can lead the consumer to make decision on their purchases.

Advertising on
social media has a great impact on the consumer’s loyalty and his purchasing
behavior. With the help of social media advertisements, businessmen plan their

Many of them use
social media for their promotional strategies. It is the easy way to
communicate with consumers and a cheaper way to introduce their products to

According to
Luke Arthur of Demand Media, when they advertise their products, businesses usually
choose online advertising.

There is a
difference between mass media and online advertising when it comes to the total
number of people they reach. In mass marketing, there is a larger possibility
of reaching a larger group of people.

On the other
hand, you can focus on one specific group of people.

advertising and mass media are also different when it comes to budget. Mass
media requires a larger budget to begin with, while online advertising requires
smaller budget.






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