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In this
case study both Chester Bernard and Mary Parker Follets ideologies are being
integrated on how AMAZE Inc. runs its day to day operation.  Follet’s theory applies to AMAZE INC because it
is describing how management should motivate its employees through assortment,
self-management and team effort. Those concepts are used in the AMAZE INC
organization. A prime example would be when the company “allows workers to
take charge of their own actions”, and the way they do it is by
“giving workers the option to direct themselves for 20% of their
time”; which essentially describes the idea of Follet about
self-management. Another example of Follet’s theory is when the company acknowledges
hard work and rewards it.  “Often it is
the workers who start the inventions of new things and it is the workers that
have control over a product’s completion, rather than leaving it up to the
judgment of a high level manager” Also, the aspect of the company is to push
the workers to work together, “All workers are encouraged to work
together, rather than to simply work under the supervision of a manager”
this helps  build strong communication
and sharing among the employees, also they give bonuses to groups that develop
good products and by this action, again, they try to encourage the workers to
work together; this behavior of management is coined by both Follet and
Barnard; Follet talk about the importance of working together as one and
Barnard saw the company more of a  communication system and claimed that the
workers should work together. The final point is that the company shows to the
employees that they are valuable to the organization by letting them share their
ideas and rewarding them for their work ” They need to believe that their
things that are given/work that’s done matter and that they are appreciated by
those around them” that was Barnard idea of letting the workers see and
feel that their work are very important to the success of the company.


    Given its strategy of innovation, AMAZE INC
would be better suited for an organic structure because the employees at Amaze Inc.

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can work together more efficiently and they wouldn’t be as efficient if they
had less freedom and a more authority over subordinates type management. Even
though control over your employers is important it isn’t really the smartest
route to go with such an innovative company like AMAZE Inc. In some cases, employers
rebel to the authority and work wouldn’t even be completed because the
employees are too busy rebelling against the regime. Employees would also be
the vital factor on whether the company thrives or falls because without
employees it’s just an empty office. It like coal with the right pressure it
turns into diamonds and if it’s a little too much it turns to ashes. An organic
structure helps boost morale within the employees of the company and it helps
motivates the employees to come to work and be productive because the purpose
of having employees is to make sure the company is producing at an efficient
rate and even if they want freedom for it it doesn’t really matter because a
happy employee is an efficient employee.



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