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            In my life I have
always found that there are certain things that are true. The first of these
truths, I learned as a child. My parents worked hard to provide for my sisters and
I, but what I most remember is the love and care they gave me. Growing up I was
reminded every day that above everything else in life, your family is the most
important blessing you can have. The second truth that I learned was that in
life the only way to succeed and take care of the ones you love is by working
hard. Since the day I understood these things I promised myself that I would
never give up and would make any sacrifice to give back all that they have
given me.

            It was because of this that I decided to become an
engineer. This decision seemed odd to those that knew me. They always saw me as
an art orientated person. Indeed, I always loved painting, and singing. Although
I never had sufficient time traveling, some of my fondest memories are of my
family and I in exotic places. That, and the faces my mom made as I tried
strange yet delicious new cuisines. My decision to become an engineer was due
to these experiences. My natural curiosity combined with my passion for
creation channeled into this amazing field that allowed me to be part of the
world. At home, I saw how an infrastructure of machines made the lives of
billions of people easier and more productive through trains, trams, and
subways. In South Korea I saw how technology companies like Samsung, LG, and Kia,
brought a nation out of the despair of war and created one of the biggest
success stories of our times. In my hand I saw how young women and men could
reach the world and change the lives of so many, just by recording themselves
and uploading. To me becoming an engineer was a logical choice.

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            I am currently a Senior at the RCC Institute of
Information Technology in Kolkata India. It is a great institution where I was
able to study Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. In this
program I enjoyed topics like Control Theory, Advanced Microprocessors and
Microcontrollers, Electrical and Electronic measurement and Instrumentation,
Biomedical Instrumentation, and Analytical Instrumentation. I was also able to
study the business side of engineering with classes such as Economics for
Engineers, and Organizational Behavior. I also attended several workshops and
seminars where I discovered how engineering can be applied to health sciences. My
interest continued to grow while reading about new inventions on artificial
lungs and hearts, bionic contact lens, bionic arm, robotic surgery etc. One workshop,
called “Mechatronics and Robotics” really impacted me. It combined a variety of
technologies into something that could really impact life and assist in
healthcare purposes.

            This new-found interest motivated me towards my project. Ever
since I had discovered my passion in biomedical engineering, I wanted to extend
my skills into helping people by creating assist devices for them. One of the
most exciting things that I have been able to work on is my final project. The
goal of the project is to develop a home automation system that uses an 8051
microcontroller to allow the user to control and monitor home appliances using a
smartphone. The smartphone sends information to a Wi-Fi module with an IP
protocol stack. This will be connected to the microcontroller which will
process the commands and generate the desired control action. In the future I
would like to expand the system to support the interlinking of electronic devises
and allow remote access via the Internet.

my free time, I like to make different circuits using MATLAB and MULTISIM and then
try to simulate them. I enjoy writing different programs and implement them in
the circuits to run them. It gives me immense joy and I quest to know more and
more when my designs run properly.  At my
institution’s technology fest my group mates and I made a small robot and
participated in ‘robo-race’. Although we didn’t win it gave us so much
happiness just seeing our robot go up to the semifinals. Along with my interest
in robotics and biomedical, I also wanted to explore the field of petroleum
engineering. Therefore, when I got the chance to intern at Oil and Natural Gas
Corporation Ltd of India, I did not hesitate.

was also able to train at ONGC (India). There I learned about SCADA systems and
how the oil pumping out of the sea bed is controlled and monitored. I learned
about safety valves and how the opening and closing of these valves is
maintained through the Programmable logic controller (PLC) and SCADA. While in
India I also had the opportunity to tour the Ever-Ready Industries
headquarters. I was able to see the full process of battery creation as well as
gained insight into their industry. These experiences have made me understand
how important it is to optimize systems to make operations more efficient. I
was also exposed to the corporate structure and learned how a company functions
with the help of hard work and team effort.

that the time has come to move ahead in life, I feel that the best way to be
true to myself would be to continue my education and pursue a Master’s of
Science in Biomedical Engineering. My studies in Instrumentational Engineering have
showed me the potential that exist in Biomedical Engineering, I feel that this
field would be a perfect combination of everything that I have come to love
about engineering and my dual interest in healthcare. I am greatly interested
in learning more about Tissue Engineering, nanomedicine and medical imaging in
real world scenarios and apply them to everyone’s benefit.

After researching
possible places to continue my education. I have determined that University of Oklahoma
would be the best option. It would allow me the opportunity to fulfill my
dreams and attend one of the best institutions of higher education. Your world
class faculty with the perfect blend of courses and astounding facilities has been
my greatest attraction. It would be an unbelievable opportunity and I know that
with your help I will be able to achieve my dreams of one day becoming a
biomedical engineer. Nothing
would make my parents prouder, and nothing would make all the hard work and
struggles that we have all been through more worthwhile. I do not know everything
that lays ahead for me, but what I know for a fact is that if I am given this
opportunity I will give it everything that I can and will always represent your
institution to the best of my ability. I have a deep respect for what your
institution represents, and look forward to one day to be a part of it. I am
immensely grateful for your consideration.

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