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   In the book “The Great Gatsby” there are two main female characters,  Myrtle and Daisy. Not only do they have things in common but they also have many differences. One of the most obvious differences is that Daisy is much wealthier than Myrtle and was raised in a wealthy family. Myrtle was not raised with wealth and  married a man named George Wilson with very little money. There are many more similarities and differences.     In this book a difference is the way that Daisy and Myrtle dress. Daisy likes to wear mostly white while Myrtle likes to add more color to her wardrobe. Mainly this is due to the difference in wealth between the two. “…a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hill and grotesque gardens.” (Fitzgerald 27) This description makes it obvious that the valley of ashes is not a very pleasant place to live. Myrtle lives in an old beat up house that is also a garage that her husband runs. This is located in the valley of ashes.A similarity that Daisy and Myrtle have are their love lives. For example both of them are very unhappy with the person that they are married to. They are so unhappy that they each want a different guy. Both are, or at one point were in love with Tom. Daisy is Tom’s wife and Myrtle is his mistress. Daisy’s unhappiness with Tom is because of his love for another woman, Myrtle. “He (her husband) wasn’t fit to lick my shoe” (Fitzgerald 39), Myrtle is unhappy because she finds herself married to a man that she thinks is a loser. Daisy looks at the situation in a completely different way. “It couldn’t be helped” (Fitzgerald 20) is Daisy’s response when she finds out that Tom does in fact have a mistress.  Myrtle attempts to come off as very high class. She tries to dress up and wear bright colors to make it look like she is important. The novel makes many references to her body being “stout” or “thick figured” (Fitzgerald 29). Myrtle’s plan does not work because she does not necessarily have the figure to fit the part. She is not slim figured or good looking. ” …her face contained no facet or gleam of beauty” (Fitzgerald 30). Unlike Myrtle, Daisy has a slim figure and a beautiful face. Daisy also wears a lot of white. This makes her look clean and wealthy.  When it comes down to it Daisy and Myrtle definitely have their differences, but they are similar in some ways too. They are different in the way the act and live their life but their love lives are ironically similar. Those are just couple of ways that Daisy and Myrtle are both similar and different.

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