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Imagine standing on top of a 32-story building, saying one last goodbye to your family and friends. You jump. What you did there was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We have lots of ups and downs in life, and there are times where we make wrong decisions which affects your whole life. We have to make decisions and sometimes these result in feeling sad or emotional. Today we are here to talk about teens alike us, teen suicide in particular. I know as teens right now, we hate sharing our personal problems and emotions. Why? Because we fear judgement and criticism. How we dress, how we look, and most importantly: who we are. Thoughts stir up in our brains and slowly linger as we reach our limit. We are pushed into a corner where many struggle to escape. We come to a point where we believe our only way out is suicide.  I’m tired, I’m tired of teens dying every single day, there are 14 people aged 15-19 who commit suicide every 100 minutes. Around 294 teens die per year because of suicide alone. These are shocking facts but the real question is, why do such facts even exist? Why do we have so many teens sacrificing themselves? The answer I have for you today is that most of these teens aren’t thinking clearly, some of them think killing themselves is the solution to their problems, some do it because of rejection, hurt, loss, anger, shame, and depression. We all have those feelings at some point in our lives and we could slowly handle it step by step, resolve the problem and move on.Last year, there was a case of teenage suicide in Hong Kong which involved 3, 3 deaths in the span of 8 days! The first teen that committed suicide was a 16-year-old boy who ended his life in Ma On Shan’s Lee On Estate. The following day, there was another suicide committed, this time it was this 15-year-old girl that left a death letter to his family and friends. 6 days after, there was another death that happened in Kam Pong House in Kam Tai court. All these deaths happened in the span of 8 days. I believe this shows that schools are giving too much pressure to the students. I can back this up by looking at the date of these deaths, they occurred in February which I believe is one of the few most important months of school since they are starting to revise for your exams and assessments which would go into their semester 2 report card. I have created what I call a committing suicide meter. If a teenager begins to lose interest in their friends, hobbies, sports or even losing interest in their life. This might mean they are experiencing the first level of committing suicide. After a while, more symptoms that you can spot are if they are staring into space and sleeping during the day can be huge signs of depression, I call this the second level of committing suicide. The third step is when they start giving items away, this is a huge give away that shows they may be putting their lives to the conclusion and of course the fourth level is them commit suicide. Here are some other ways you can spot suicide. Talking about suicide and death, talking about going away, talking about feeling helpless or worthless and obviously, in general, looking sad and depressed. As some of you may think this topic is a joke, other takes this as a shot to the brain. We’ve lost friends and family from this serial killer, but there is only one way to stop this. Help them, help your friends. They might get annoyed and mad if you try to help. But I would definitely want a friend mad at me for a while then them letting the serial killer get to them. As for the people that are suicidal in here or outside of school, I want to let you guys know, you are all unique and special. If you’re gone, people will miss you. It may seem like, you just solved all problems in life, but it’s the beginning of others pain. Thank you.

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