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Image mosaicking
is one of the important technique in image processing, in which, is the
generation of a large image through the process of assembling a series of
images and joining them together. By applying the technique of image
mosaicking, the result image can be used for texture mapping of a 3D
environment. Thus, this allows user to view the surrounding scene with real
images. Figure 2.13 demonstrates the process of image mosaicking.

32 proposed to use camera mounted in a mobile project,
Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), as the method for image mosaicking. The
differences in gain, vignetting, object shadows and registration errors
resulted in the undesirable road images. To overcome the problem, two
additional steps were proposed which is “Creating Base Images” and “Gain
Compensation”, in which, the camera gain which might have altered is
compensated after the base images is created. Next, multi-band blending merge
the images to create a better result and get rid of the artificial edges.

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28 performed image mosaicking techniques in the vehicle
camera image sequencing. It is completed through sequential transformation of
the road region R(It) into aerial image coordinate system by using Ht (t = 0, …, n).
Figure 2.14 shows the sequential transformation in image mosaicking.

than the vehicle camera image, by using aerial image as reference image, image
mosaicking can be applied consistently. 33 performed the
technique of image mosaicking of large image by merging between the aerial
image sequences captured from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and satellite
image.  In the proposed approach, the
covariance matrix correlate to the homography will store the accuracy
information and transferred to the mosaic.

The assemble
process of multiple photographic is called image stitching. This is done by
overlapping fields of view to generate a segmented panorama image. Image
stitching is widely applied in medical imaging, multiple image
super-resolution, object insertion and high resolution photo mosaics in digital
maps and satellite photos. Figure 2.15 depicts an example of image stitching
generated panorama image.

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