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I’m writing this report in consideration of the
following statement ‘Customers value brands more when
an organisation’s staff demonstrate emotional intelligence to them.’

Using emotional intelligence as the focal point I will
briefly discuss how customer experiences are influenced by different levels of
emotional intelligence. Customers are more likely to connect more with
brands that understand them and attempt to connect with them in an authentic
way. One of the most impactful ways for brands to connect with their customers
is through their staff. Often brands recruit staff who demonstrate high levels
of emotional intelligence and they train their people to become more
emotionally intelligent.

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What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is
defined as the It’s the ability to recognise and
understand your own emotions as well as others.


Emotional intelligence is
comprised of five key elements: Self-awareness, motivation, empathy, social skills,
and self-regulation. A balanced mixture of these 5 elements is essential in
allowing individuals to control their own emotions while maintaining the ability
to relate to others in order to establish bonds and build rapport. For example, a support representative with
social skills is mindful of the language he/she uses with customers. He/she
avoids offensive and condescending phrases. Instead, the representative uses
positive wording and an understanding tone to solve the customer’s problem.   

Self-awareness – Recognise and understand our emotions and reactions 

Self-management-  Manage,
control, and adapt our emotions, mood, reactions, and responses 

Motivation- Harness
our emotions to motivate ourselves to take appropriate action, commit,
follow-through, and work toward the achievement of our goals 

Empathy -Discern
the feelings of others, understand their emotions, and utilise that understanding
to relate to others more effectively 

Social skills – Build relationships, relate to others in social situations, lead,
negotiate conflict, and work as part of a team 





Customer or colleagues experience
within any business or professional environment can be influenced by altered
levels of emotional intelligence demonstrated by those within that environment.

Using a customer in a common retail environment such as a supermarket as
example, the use of emotional intelligence from staff can greatly influence
upon their experience, wether it be a member of staff taking extra time to talk
to them or even offering them help if they appear less abled or seem as if they
would appreciate it.


You should also reflect on
your experiences as a customer and consider times when you think the staff you
interacted with in a service environment had a high level or a low level of
emotional intelligence:


Upon reflection of my own
personal experiences as a customer I can quote various examples of times that I
have had interaction with staff within a service/commercial environment, that
have shown varying levels of emotional intelligence


· What did they do?


· How do you think this demonstrated emotional
intelligence and what impact did their level of emotional intelligence have on
your customer experience?

· How did this experience make you feel?

· How did you react?






1.  Where was
the last commercial/Service environment that you received memorable service

A high-street branch of NatWest

My local supermarket (Sainsbury’s)

2. What was the situation?

I was slightly frustrated as I had tried to pay in
some money via an ATM and was having difficulty

I was looking for a card and gift for my 6-year-old nephew’s
birthday celebration later that evening

3. What did they do?

They asked me to explain the situation and how they could
help. When explaining the staff noticed I was becoming increasingly
frustrated and became slightly dismissive towards me although eventually
resolving the issue.

I asked a member of staff for directions to the card
section and also asked their opinion on a suitable gift to accompany the
card. The member of staff stayed with me asking details about my nephew’s
hobbies and interest before suggesting that I buy him an arts and crafts set.

4. Did you feel they demonstrated emotional intelligence?

I do not feel that particular member of staff
demonstrated any use of emotional intelligence and if anything, they showed
the opposite and made a poor judgement in assessing my feelings in relation
to the situation.

Yes, I did I felt like the member of staff in question,
through staying and talking to me, which they were not obligated to do,
gained enough information to help me make a suitable decision in choosing a
gift and was very considerate to my circumstance as I had left it quite late.

5. how did the level of emotional intelligence
impact upon your customer experience

It did not heavily impact on my experience as a
customer but I do feel that if they showed higher levels of emotional
intelligence I would have had a much better experience

The level of emotional intelligence shown made my experience
much better than expected and made me feel as though the staff actually care
about the service they provide customers with.

6. based on your experience how much do you agree
with this statement ‘Customers value brands more
when an organisation’s staff demonstrate emotional intelligence to them’

I completely agree with that statement as I believe
that the use of emotional intelligence by staff creates better rapport between
the business and consumers and is a highly effective way of maintaining a
brand image in which providing excellent customer service is a focal point.

 I actually
agree with that statement to some degree as personally, I do take a slightly better
view of a business or shop when I know that their employees show and make use
of emotional intelligence in order to provide better service. But I do not
think it is vital as long as there is a good level of customer service
provided by staff of the business



From the interviews carried out It was clear that it was
generally felt that there is definitely a correlation between the level of
emotional intelligence shown by members of staff of an organisation and the
impact on their personal customer experience.






































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