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“If you have built castles in the air, your work need
not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

– Henry David

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father always says that management is all about choosing breadth over depth and
results over perfection. Inspired by my father, I have nursed a castle in the
air since 9th grade: to carve a career in management for myself. I
believe a Master’s from the prestigious XYZ will help me put a solid foundation
under my professional castle. My journey from being a wide-eyed school boy to
submitting an application to XYZ outlines my motivation and preparation for a
career in management. I intend to specialize in Marketing and Brand management.
I believe it is the brain, heart and soul of any industry in the globalized
world. Today, the boundaries between countries are swiftly vanishing away, so
the understanding of marketing requires a more holistic and international view
of the industry. I had
my first taste of management when as the house captain in my school I was
involved in organizing different events. Again in college I was a student’s coordinator
for two years in Society of Electronics & Communications Engineers (SECE)
and organized technical and cultural festivals. Whilst being an active member
of the organizing committee of my college, I realized isn’t getting sponsors
for your college event close to marketing? Isn’t organizing your school’s
cultural fest a part of management? Isn’t helping the audience a form of
customer service? Answers were in front of me and that’s when I decided to
pursue my career and life in marketing and brand management.After graduating from
Galgotias University, I started working at Wipro Limited as a Trainee. Soon
after completion of my training I joined the business side of the company
interacting with clients, providing them customer service and tailor made
solutions. I worked with many international clients from Technology as well as
Energy Domains to develop products and processes, R, conceptualizing,
design, documentation, etc. The constant interactions with clients,
understanding and delivering their requirements on time developed a very strong
customer relationship and project management skills. The position is versatile
and reports direct to the Delivery Head. This allowed me a ringside view of the
decision making process in the company and the role of Delivery Head in the
same. The position also taught me to consider all facets of a project from
inception to completion and to tackle problems using different approaches and
team work. During this tenure of mine, I received an extensive amount of
knowledge of B2B and B2C industry, providing customized solutions to clients. In
addition, working on several projects concurrently has further honed my time
management and prioritization skills. I took part in various cultural and
people development activities at both project and organizational levels. My
experience at Wipro has been a lesson on how a leader planned and achieved
world leadership in its field and became a billion dollar company; how it
generates profits worldwide using different management techniques in different
cultures and how it motivates its workforce in 54 countries.My
engineering degree has enabled me to understand the science behind most of the
things around me. Being good at quantitative and analytical skills helps me see
the principle and logic behind most of the things. I have the ability to
strategize, conceptualize and analyze creatively using out of the box approach.
Being an engineer gives me an ability to adapt with changes in technology. In
today’s modern world with technology being a boon and bane at the same time, an
engineer who understands its intricacies can bring out fresh ideas in the field
of marketing which has technology as its backbone.No
doubt a Master’s degree in Marketing will open
the door of opportunity for me in every field. But my interest strongly lies in
Information-Technology / Technology / Telecommunication sector not only because
my previous work experience and academics are into it, but there is plethora of
opportunities to apply business ideas in a multidisciplinary and international
environment. Along with it, there is a lot of scope
to employ innovative marketing campaigns and apply true brand management
techniques. Capgemini, Sopra Steria, Atos and alcatel-lucent are few
Technology/Telecommunication companies I want to work with.

On a
Personal Front, I am always keen to help others and relish the added bonus of
improving myself. From the age of 10 I have been playing Football, for me it’s
a relaxing passion along with it I have participated in a Various Taekwondo
Tournaments. In the beginning of 2011 I volunteered to work for ‘HelpAge
India’, A Non-Profit Organization in India caring for disadvantaged
elderly senior citizens. It helped me to understand elderly people’s thought
and I got to know more about myself. As there is a saying, ‘The only way to
find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’. I also like to
contribute to various schools by giving small lectures to students, assist
professors and participate in extra-cultural activities, which help in
improving my knowledge, communications skills and boosts confidence. Graduating
from the world-renowned Master’s program at XYZ will enable me to realize my
castle in the air.

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