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I write with great pleasure to recommend
Maria-Yaelle Toader for admission to Psychology/ Sociology at University’s
name, who’s meaningful contributions made our school and surrounding community
a better place.  I came to know Maria
when I was her English teacher, the classes consisted mostly in grammar,
vocabulary, idioms and writing. It has been a pleasure to observe her development
both intellectually and socially.  Throughout
the year she distinguished herself in our discussions, where she demonstrated
an outstanding openness to and empathy for the perspective, opinions and
feelings of others, all qualities which in my opinion make her an outstanding
future student in your esteemed institution.


She strongly believes in her ability to acquire
new skills and improve herself through practice. Yaelle loves to understand
concepts in depth before applying them, asking extra questions and spending
hours after school to assure that her grasp of the subject is as complete as
possible. This coupled with her love of solving challenging puzzles and her
desire to help the ones around makes her a great fit for the field of sociology
and psychology.

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From the beginning of our first year together I
noticed her sensitivity towards the nuances within the literature, her keen eye
to details and the ease with which she could tackle difficult concepts and
texts.  Not only did she stand out inside
the classroom, but also outside as a very ambitious and hardworking young lady
with a kind heart. She would always find time to help her colleagues either
with personal or academic problems. I clearly remember one day Maria
approaching me to discuss a serious problem that occurred in her classroom. One
of the student was being badly bullied and she wanted to assure that the
members of the staff knew about the problem. I was overwhelmed with her genuine
concern and desire to peacefully resolve the conflict.


Maria is a very active student in our school
community, participating in a handful of extracurricular activities such as
volunteering as supervisor in a children’s summer camp and entering multiple
competitions like FirSTeP and Turkce Olimpiyatlari just to name a few.


Maria is an outstandingly intelligent,
determined and enthusiastic student with a great desire to learn and achieve,
being involved in and passionate about research from an incredibly young age. Her
inquisitive nature, combined with her ability to collaborate harmoniously with
others, leads me to believe there is no limit in her growth. Therefore, I am
convinced that she would be an important addition to your elite academic
community and I strongly recommend her for admission to your esteemed
institution. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at teacher’s email address
if you have any questions.

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