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          The world is in need of innovation,
protection and discovery. This cyborg gives hand to do these work effortlessly
and they can undo some of the damage that has been done to our environment. They
act as navy federal’s friend as they help in monitoring and discovery of marine
habitats, safeguarding the nation from submarine and make man’s work easier. It
is portable and self charging (solar power) device. These cyborgs ate operated
manually through joysticks. It can do things which man cannot even dream of it.

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 This sub aqua cyborg also working to restore
biodiversity. Divers around the world have been trying to control invasive
marine animals by hand, but robots could be more precise, effective, and


 Our eco-system is comprised of
interdependent animals and plants which constitute a complex web of life, where
the extinction of a single species may affect the whole biological system
pertaining to life and living things. Unfortunately the unprecedented unnatural
extinction of many marine species including marine mammals, sea turtles and
salmonids has not only endangered functioning of the ecosystem but also
affected the ecological issues by large extent. The reasons for this threat to
marine life are varied but mostly due to irrational human behaviour and
activities. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists
three hundred and sixty eight marine species which are either endangered
already or vulnerable of becoming endangered very soon.

YANGON/SANLAN, Myanmar (Reuters) – Rescuers
pulled 29 bodies from the sea off Myanmar’s southern coast on Thursday, after a
military plane went missing with 122 soldiers, family members and crew,


prompting bitter tears from several relatives of
those aboard. The area is about 440 miles
north of the last primary radar contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370,
which vanished on a flight from Malaysia to Beijing on March 8, 2014, with 239
people on board. That plane is believed to have flown far off course and
crashed into a remote area of the Indian Ocean. On 7 June 2017, a Shaanxi Y-8
aircraft of the Myanmar Air Force crashed on a flight from Myeik
to Yangon,
killing all 122 people on board. Debris from the aircraft was found in the Andaman Sea,
118 nautical miles (218 km) off Dawei by Myanmar Navy
ships. It is currently the deadliest aviation accident in Myanmar’s


This outline
consists of microcontroller ATMEL 328, RF transmitter and receiver, GPS module,
aurdino. There are four motors were used for the function of  moving forward, backward , upward  and downward direction. The RF camera is used
to monitor the status under the water bodies and it is visually capture. The
LED torch is used for the clear visualization.



In this ATMEL 325 microcontroller
plays the central role in controlling the cyborg. Through the antenna visuals
are captured in wireless camera. Then the receiver module RF with 433MHz
receives the information. These two devices are connected to the ATMEL325
microcontroller which is triggered with power supply. Then the microcontroller
is connected to 10volt LED torch as they pave the way to cyborg. Again the microcontroller
is connected to GPS module which sense and receives the information it gathers.
The complete movement of the cyborg is controlled manually through motor driver
circuit by which we can direct the cyborg in all directions.i.e up, down, left,
right. This motor driver circuit is also connected to the microcontroller thus
by centrally controlling microcontroller and through input and output devices
the underwater cyborg works.



Atmel328: Brain of this project is Atmel-328  micro-controller. It is a 8 bit Micro
controller with advanced RISC architecture. Its speed is up to 20MIPS
throughput at 20MHz. It has 4/8/16/32K bytes of 
in-system self-programmable flash program memory, 256/512/512/1K bytes
EEPROM and 512/1K/1K/2K bytes internal SRAM.

Microcontroller has 6-channel ADC in PDIP package. It has two 8-bit


with separate prescaler, compare mode and one 16-bit Timer/Counter with
separate prescaler, compare mode and capture mode. It has

serial USART and has Master/Slave SPI serial interface. It has on-chip Analog

 Fig.3.1    ATMEL 328 Microcontroller


      It has 23
programmable i/o lines. 28-pin PDIP, 32-lead TQFP, 28-pad QFN/MLF and 32-pad
QFN/MLF. Its operating voltage is 1.8-5.5V and temperature range is -40 to
85degree Centigrade. In active mode it consumes 0.2mA, in power down mode it
consumes 0.1uA and in power saver mode it consumes 0.75uA(including 32KHz RRTC)
at 1MHz, 1.8V, 25degree Centigrade which made it a perfect choice for this


     A GPS navigation device or GPS receiver, and
when used for vehicle navigation commonly referred to simply as a GPS, is a
device that is capable of receiving
from GPS satellites and them to accurately calculate its geographical location.
GPS distance meter can be used for large distance measurement is required. GPS
or Global Positioning System is a network of orbiting satellites that send
precise details of their position in space back to earth.


The signals are
obtained by GPS receivers, such as navigation devices and are used to calculate
the exact position, speed and time at the vehicles location.


An RF transmitter generates

Frequency waves in its
circuits, and to this

‘carrier signal’, it adds
the information of

part by  modulating the carrier signal. This

composite signal(carrier+information)  is

then fed to  an antenna (Aerial). The aerial

induces  a corresponding  signal in to the

atmosphere, by altering the
electric and the

magnetic fields at the same
frequency. The

power emitted by  the transmitter can vary

from mega watt or so (for
VLF signals) to

 a few watts for hand held devices.


RFID is used to automatic data Capture  allowing 
contact  less identification of
objects using radio frequency.  RFID
systems can use a variety of frequencies to communicate, but because radio
waves work and act differently at different 
frequencies, a frequency for a specific RFID system is often dependant
on its application. High frequency RFID system (850 MHz to 950 MHz and 2.4 GHz
to 2.5 GHz) offer transmission ranges of more than 90 feet, although
wavelengths in the 2.4 GHz range are absorbed by water, which includes the
human body, and therefore has limitations.





This paper found applications of
RFID in marine environments for diverse applications such as for monitoring of
sediment transportation to study the costal dynamics, monitoring of
undersea  pipelines carrying oil
transportation, navigation guidance for underwater vehicles and for tracking
animals under water in aquariums.





Arduino is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega. It has 14 digital Input/output
pins (of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16MHz ceramic
resonator, USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header and a reset button. It
contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to
computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get


Uno differs from all preceding boards in that it does not use the FTDI
USB-to-serial driver chip. Instead, it features the Atmega16U2 programmed as a
USB-to-serial converter.

Ultrasonic sensors  (also known as transceivers when they both
send and receive, but more generally called transducers) work on a principle
similar to radar or sonar which evaluate attributes of a target by interpreting the
echoes from radio or sound waves respectively. Ultrasonic sensors generate high
frequency sound waves and evaluate the echo which is received back by the
sensor. Sensors calculate the time interval between sending




the signal and receiving the echo to determine
the distance to an object.


The world is not concerned
about the problems faced by aquatic habitat. This cyborg is a tool which gives
hand to produce pollution-free water bodies although it makes man’s work
easier. As the marine habitat are facing the distraction it helps to save  their life. Also the peeping neighboring
countries have the chances to attack us through submarines they help us to
fight with all these problems.

This cyborg is a quality high
innovation and does not require much maintenance. They are self propelled
vehicle and also self propelled through solar. It helps in discovery of new species
in underwater. They go to places where man cannot even think of it. It helps in
safeguarding the nation.










The world is giving its
hand for new innovation and this cyborg is one of it. Wireless technology will
play a vital role in many application areas that are not possible in past. The
main challenges related to secure time synchronization, location and routing
have been surveyed. Since the development of the proposed system is still in
its development stage, an account of actual implementation has not been
provided in this paper. Despite much development in this area of the underwater
wireless communication, there is still an immense scope so more research as
major part of the ocean bottom yet remains unexploded.

 The main objective is to overcome the present
limitations and implement advanced technology for oceanographic research and
cope up with the environmental effects on the noise performance of acoustic
systems to complete with the future challenges like effective transmission of
audio and video signals etc.


 In future is designed fully function
autonomous robot for detect easily any faults or dangerous. It leads easy
process without interaction of human. By using this it is possible where a
human cannot go into the places like ground canals, depth of ocean is very much
useful in such situations.

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