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I organized
internal client (WET IC) at regular intervals to discuss initiatives progress,
benefit quantification validation, any CapEx to be procured, change management,
and for any special task force resource required. I also attended meetings with
external client and project consultant to discuss validating new ideas, and
implementation of new and advanced business transformation not mentioned in a
tender clause. I set roles and responsibility of my team members and also
ensured to add some portion of OPEX related roles & responsibilities in
resources provided by WET business

CE3.3.8 I used
Building Information Modeling (BIM) for 3D designing, Autodesk Revit, Microsoft
suit, Geographic information system (GIS) and Enterprise information system
(EIP) (In-house developed an application similar to SAP) for various tasks in
the project. I created multiple program monitoring templates and digital
progress monitoring platform through GIS. I implemented RFID’s, barcodes on
material tracking and created new systems and policies i.e. change management
at every department. Also, I created a closed group on social media
“Facebook” to keep updating innovative or creativity ideas used during
project execution and management dashboards and review systems.

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CE3.3.9 I enhanced
policy on better control of steel by making Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) using
rebar cad software. I created document controller index to track designs &
material content and helped WET business in creating OPEX team with roles and
responsibilities of the team. I brought changes in site operation sequence
& documentation and subcontractor work order agreement. I worked on
optimising project running cost, material cost, and wastage reduction. I used Fishbone
diagram for cause and effect analysis, Five –why method, Backward strategy,
Logic tree – to break down multiple problems.

CE3.3.10 I performed
material cost analysis and saved material cost and reduced project delay and
losses. I mobilized mini-excavator which reduced excavation cost 124rs /CuM. to
90rs /CuM.  I recommended chemical-based
water curing compound instead of drinking water, which reduced drinking water
wastages and cost by 33%. I used modular formwork instead of conventional,
which saved project time.

CE3.3.11 Problem

Problem 1: I noticed that business operation team was using conventional
normal vibrated concrete (NVC) at a project site. But there were a number of
issues due to the poor & untimely use of mechanical vibrators. It resulted
in lots of reworks, concrete & man-hours wastages and cost leakage. I
observed that project client was unhappy with L work. Therefore, I
decided to implement Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) at the project site and it
was the biggest challenge and most difficult challenge I faced in WET business.

Solution: I advised implementation of SCC concrete for all civil structures
to increase productivity, eliminate honeycomb formation or reworks and
improvement of other issues.

concrete idea I brought in after researching, studying journals & articles
on advance concrete materials and also taking my past Middle-east experience.
But business top management & project team was showing resistance to
implement SCC idea. To solve the above problem, I started doing research,
gathered good articles of SCC concrete projects such as Delhi metro, Kaiga
nuclear atomic plant, IIT Hyderabad and benefits and results. I prepared and
shared the presentation with the business key stakeholders and requested
business top management to give me one project site to conduct an experiment on
SCC and find out merits and demerits of SCC concrete. Finally, with lots of
discussions, business agreed and gave one pilot project site which was located
in Pune. The Pune project consisted of 82 Elevated storage reservoirs with 1
Lac CuM scope concrete work.

Next day I
went through complete contract document, prepared notes, and traveled to Pune
to meet project client & consultant and discussed with them merits of usage
of SCC concrete and took their opinion and the best thing was in between
discussion client said if it is mentioned in Indian Standard 456:2000 code (IS
Code) then no problem to implement, which was great news for me.

Further, I went
to R laboratory head and discussed my challenges in implementing SCC
concrete. As per Pune project contract, 1CuM of M30 grade of concrete should
contain min 350Kg of cement and 15% fly ash and we should follow IS 456:2000
code standards. Then during our discussion, it came out that as per IS 456:
2000 standards for SCC concrete, I could use Min 320 of cement with 15% – 35%
of fly ash this triggered me and I immediately contacted Pune project manager
and took the cost break up for the Normal conventional concrete. Then I
requested R head to allocate one good person from his team to work on
preparing design mix.

Then, I
contacted Pune client and consultant and requested to grant approval for
conducting a demonstration on one part of water retaining structure with SCC

After approval,
I advised site team to mobile manpower and prepare 2mX4mX0.45m compound wall
shuttering with steel. I created two teams for demonstration one team at the
site with site engineer to design and install formwork shuttering and steel and
another team with quality & R at concrete batching plant vendor. In
meantime, I advised project manager to talk to the vendor to give his premise
for conducting SCC design mix trails. I arranged mini-laboratory & raw
materials required to conduct trails at vendor premise and multiple trails were
conducted and finally, we zeroed down on three design mix (Chart below). Later
poured one of the design mixes from below chart into the compound wall and
resulted in good benefits same shared the outcome with Client and consultant
with strong results. But client demanded to get results validated from PMC
& NABL approved laboratory. Then I arranged and sent all the raw materials
& demo reports and results to external agencies to validate and later they
shared positive results.

Then I prepared to report and cost comparison
statement and matched with project estimated cost of concrete and presented to
business top management. I communicated with all of the implementation process
and results were excellent.

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