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I mean lottery tickets can be good and bad at the same time but to be honest they are a bad influence on grown ups for many reasons.Y’all wanna know why…its because i can relate a lot alright.The bad reasons of playing lottery tickets are:it can lead you to bad things like yes we all know it’s entertaining,fun,exciting,etc but you can get really addicted to it.For example my uncle is always spending over $500 a day in those tickets & it’s true because there’s is no week he doesn’t over $1,000.Its nothing of my business but he never spends time with his only son because he’s so addicted to playing tickets he forgets about him at some points,also he doesn’t get enough sleep.The sad thing is he affected his brother,my father no lie things change but are y’all wondering how it affected my dad well my uncle lives in Austin & since we go every weekend my uncle introduced my dad the so called lottery tickets.Now everyday my dad isn’t working he spends time and specially his money playing lottery ticket & it really sucks because if he wins he’s in a good mood but when he loses let’s say he’s not in the bestest mood.We all know when your father isn’t in the bestest mood it’s not fun at all.My point is you get really addicted it can lead you to wasting all your money playing lottery tickets,not affording paying bills,rent,etc.You can also end up with no money at all or even lose your entire family over being broke and at the end you will be homeless because you lost everything.So yes lottery tickets may be fun,& all but it’s bad because all your gonna end up doing is keep buying until your trying to win a big top prize.Yes there’s a probability of at least 10 top prizes outta 1 million dollars,Yet a lot of people don’t know how to play with responsibility.On the good side about lottery tickets it’s you have to be 18years and older to be able to play/purchase a ticket.Wait before I’m done I want to mention the fact  whenever you win a top prize no matter what how much $money they are gonna keep 30% of the prize which you only get about 70% back.With the conclusion tho I’m not saying you can’t win or anything but all I’m going to say is don’t spend all your money on a piece of paper called lottery tickets and yes trying to imagine winning the lottery is a dream for everyone.Specially being the winner of a top prize would be amazing but it’s based in your luck you can’t just walk into a store thinking your gonna win in that one ticket it’s a probability you might or might not win so just play with responsibility have fun!!

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