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I, Bawanaka Vaishnav am pursuing my undergraduate studies in Computer Science Engineering from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and am planning to pursue my higher education and I hope to get enrolled into the program for Masters in Computer Science, in the term starting FALL ’18, at University of South Florida. 

 “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates

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The generations before mine have worked hard and worked smart to make the world I live in today a more advanced, perceptive and convenient one. Integration of science and technology in every stream and its collaboration with every vocation has not only brought about a noticeable change in the working of things but has also paved way for innovation and creativity.

Being a millennial my exposure to science and technology has grown exponentially with my age.  From the personal computer at home to the smart phone that I use, from the software and applications in the gadgets to the graphics and animations in the movies and video games I am exposed to, if not pondered over consciously, you do not see the usage of technology in every aspect of life and how it is intertwined effortlessly in our routine and how much we depend on it to go about our daily life without us noticing it explicitly.

As a student I have fared well in academics especially in Mathematics and Sciences, the probability and possibility of having more than one way to find a solution always fascinated me.  As a teenager I played a lot of video games, my interest in the graphics and working of it introduced me to a new world of computer and technology. These two reasons triggered my decision to take up Computer Science Engineering as my major.

“At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions. It is a noble profession.” – Queen Elizabeth II

In my tenure as a Computer Science Engineering undergrad I have learnt and am good at Programming languages: C, Java, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS and Python. Tools: Git and VMware. Having the flair and affinity for analytical abilities and reasoning skills I am adept with the courses: Operating Systems, Data structures, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Database Management Systems and Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Apart from subjects from my academic curriculum I am certified in Java by Oracle. With these skill sets I have successfully completed a project: Candidate Screening Web Application for Recruiters – a web application developed using Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that displays student information for recruiters, promotes interaction between recruiters and the applicants and also provides technical tests that include: Verbal, Quantitative and Programming or Coding. I have also worked as an intern at NR TELESYSTEMS PVT.LTD, where I was part of the development team of user interface. I learnt how to develop a mobile application using Android Studio, Intel, Xdk and various other soft-wares, with this experience I learnt how to put my skill sets to proper use and I have as well learnt how a team and an organization function.

My parents have always believed in holistic development of an individual and have constantly encouraged me to take part in activities outside the classroom. I led the college Cricket team and reached semi-finals for two major Cricket tournaments. I am an active member of college Debate club and have helped in organizing debate competitions. I have participated in Hackathons organized by IT companies and a member of Computer science society of India. I have also worked for an NGO V-care, where we had to organize blood donation camps, teach computer usage to the elderly and in addition to the volunteer work we collected funds for the NGO.

My undergraduate course has groomed and prepared me to acquire skill sets such as: identifying a problem and to come up with a technical solution, solve a complex problem in a systematic and logical way, take a concept and turn it into reality, think outside the box in order to ensure that you deliver the most innovative and effective solution, learning to be resilient, determined and humble during a crisis and cultivating an attitude of “never give up” under any circumstance.  

Pursuing Masters in Computer Science abroad I would have the opportunity to have formative experiences such as learning new life skills, having a diverse perception on a problem, widen the social circle, become self-reliant, be more open to new knowledge and unorthodox ways to a subject and as well add immense academic, intellectual and work related skills to a career in making. To compete and challenge one’s self and others on a global level and have the option and prospect for a lucrative career.

To be affiliated with the prestigious institute of University of South Florida that has state of the art laboratories, various and wide range of research programs, seminars and interactive classes. To be associated, groomed and mentored under the illustrious faculty such as Distinguished University Professor Lawrence Hall who excels in the areas: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Analysis of Algorithms and Programming. Professor Adriana Iamnitchi whose areas of interest are: Distributed computing and Operating Systems. Associate Professor Yicheng Tu, who teaches: Database Design, Advanced Database Systems and Massively Parallel Computing, would provide an excellent platform for me to learn and as well open me up to a whole new world of possibilities that would help me find my calling and my area of interest.

I am reminded of a quote by Napoleon Hill – “A goal is a dream with a deadline”, it is my dream to be the best at what I do and I cannot think of a place better than University of South Florida to reach my goal of achieving my dream.







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