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I read
“The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. This is
about a boy name William when he was a young teen a famine attack his village
in Malawi, Africa. They lost a lot of money so William was forced to drop out
of school. So William was sad about not going to school so that’s when he found
hope I his village library. That’s when he came up about building a windmill. I
like this book because it inspires me to do what a child can’t do.

Setting and Time

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time period started January 1997 when William was nine years old his dad
brother (Uncle John) was sick and fainted so William’s dad carried him to Wimbe
clinic, when the doctor said he had tuberculosis, a disease that affects the


The place
where all these things to part was Wimbe, Malawi this is where William was born
he always use to go to trading center.

Main Character

main Character of the book is William Kamkwamba. At the beginning of the book
William is nine year old as you read up his age up 2006 he becomes eighteen.


is an inventor because he build a windmill, friendly because all the thing
Gilbert done for him I thought that he will forget but he didn’t he returned
everything, love school because he tried to sneak in when he drop out of school,
smart because when was drop out of school he went to the village library to
learn how to build a windmill by himself.


The Conflict

problem that William faces is the famine; the famine is when a drought and starvation
came to William village in Wimbe, Malawi. So William’s family lost a lot of
money so William was forced to drop out of school.


The Main Event

main event is when William goes to the maize he found out that the dowa has
grown and he knew that the famine is now over.


took it home and started roasting it his sisters smelled it and was crowding
the kitchen. When his dad came in he said it was not ready yet. Then he took
one of the fire and smiled and said it is ready.


The Conclusion

author’s purpose in writing the book is to inform. The purpose of the book is to
inform us that whatever that is in your way to reach your goal you should not
let it get you down.


The effect
that this book had on me that when people overlook you don’t mind sometimes
they may be jealous of you but just continue to reach where ever you were reaching.


would recommend this book to a classmate, because it is inspiring and I want to
inspire them to read the book and they can inspire there friends    

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