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I am writing in support of Ms. Darshita Patel and
her desire to pursue Graduate (Master’s) studies at your university. During my
tenure as a professor in present college, I have taught and mentored a large
pool of students having different backgrounds and possessing a wide spectrum of
talents, abilities and personality traits. I would place Darshita among the top
10% of all the students whom I have taught. Darshita was my student for 4 years
between 2012 and 2016. I taught her Object Oriented Analysis Design and Uml in
4th Semester, Object Oriented Programming with Java in 5th
Semester and Information Security in 6th Semester. I have watched
Ms. Darshita develop both academically and personally into a matured individual
ready to take on every challenge during her college days.

Darshita had presented
a project titled “Fitness Fanatics” during her final semester of Bachelor of
Engineering. As a project guide, I had closely observed the amount of zeal and dedication
she had shown while executing the project. Her project was also selected among
the best projects of the University.

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Darshita is bright,
energetic, compassionate and genuinely well rounded. She has secured above
average grades in all of her courses. I have seen a keen urge in her to
understand engineering concepts beyond the theoretical purview reflecting her
potential for research. She is most comfortable researching and analyzing
various topics as given to her. In fact, not only is she able, she is also an
initiator who takes on more than what is required. This is one quality that
separates her from her fellow students and makes me recommend her for graduate

Ms. Darshita Patel is
one among the few students of our college who was selected as Software Engineer
by a reputed company Tatvasoft Private Limited through our on-campus Placement

I have found Darshita
to be a student with immense potential, which will help her succeed in her
endeavour towards obtaining a Master’s degree. All these traits make her an
ideal student for graduate work. I very much agree with her decision to pursue
Master’s studies and strongly recommend her for admission in your prestigious
university. I wish her all success.

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