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I believe that I am capable of writing . Writing can be conceived as a hard or troublesome subject. However, it is taken to seriously. I have learned to just let my words free. Personally I don’t write it’s not a hobby that I have but I can write. I wouldn’t call myself the best or the worst writer I still have many things to add to my knowledge about writing but I definitely improved this semester.  I’ve learned to read the article more than once so I can try to reflect it on to my writings. I’ve also learned to read and make sure that I fully comprehend the main point and the task that is asked of me. I strongly feel that my essays improved with the way that I use new words to me to convey a point. I try my best to use the writers main point especially when analyzing the novel. I write from a different point of view to put myself into positions and understand more. I search for more information on the topic so I gain as much knowledge as I possibly can to improve my essays. I had a hard time before because I couldn’t let myself go I thought that I had to cram my essays with information I couldn’t even understand, but now it’s definitely easier because I know that when I let my words just be free that’s when I get the best writings I ever had. I still feel that I don’t know what I am doing half the time but I like the idea that you have to take all the knowledge that is stored in one’s mind and form it into a sentence. My writing improved strongly because I now know the strength and power words have. As a writer I wish to be stronger so that I can gain the knowledge and convey my thoughts in a stronger way. The point of writing is to use words to speak your mind. Words have such a power that no one can deny. With writing it’s all about your choice of words and the effect that it has on people. I once read the great gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and to me that is a powerful piece of writing. I say this because as I was reading the book I felt every emotion that was described through the power of the words. I felt the goosebumps when daisy first saw gatsby through the description of how the meeting was planned and how nervous he was. That’s what I mean when I say words are powerful when words move you emotionally in a way that’s how strong they can be. Having the reader totally understand your writing and feel every emotion to it is to me the point of writing. Also another point of writing is to share thoughts. I feel that people never have the chance to express themselves enough. As of now they are called bloggers. They write about themselves and about experiences thoughts and many more. I like that I can open a page and have someone’s experience and thoughts on something that concerns me . These bloggers are everyday writers that have a great platform to share thoughts on huge topics. What I like best about my writings is that I feel they are me. I like that it’s my thoughts and my knowledge in a physical sentence. I feel that my writings now better convey ideas and emotions. I definitely had a harder time with my writings but they definitely have gotten better and stronger. The

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