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I have continuously been interested in how individuals impact the environment and how the environment impacts individuals.  Our restless earth has made geography a unique and appealing discipline that will allow me to study the interaction between humans and our earth as well as other related topics like climate change, urbanisation and globalisation which influences our everyday lives.

On a more personal level, my research has shown that courses in Environmental Geography will equip me with the skills to understand how human processes affect the environment, their effect on ecological change and organism adaptation. From land use to water resources, renewable energy production to conservation, the practices society undertakes day-to-day have a large negative influence on the natural environment.  I am therefore poised to ascertain deeper knowledge in geography to contribute positively to solving these environmental phenomena.

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The teachings and guidance in the geography program will equip me with an understanding of environmental dynamics, including the processes which implement climate change, as well as the ways in which industries may be developed to operate sustainably.

I already have considerable knowledge of the subject, which I gained both at the University and through my five years teaching in Cambridge Assessment International (A/AS Level and IGCSE Geography). At college and the University, I really enjoyed studying geography and participated in many interesting experiments and field trips.

 In my free time, I have joined (as an unpaid volunteer) a number of natural campaigns where I help in educating people on natural issues. In the school, I have created a Geographical Society where we educate the students about the power of recycling, but more importantly, the power of an individual who recycles.  By simply posting posters across school’s campus and community that read “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

My studies and experiences in teaching have increased my interest to learn more about the world we live in, particularly its environment, population and demographic trends, societies, economies and cultures. It is against this backdrop that I am motivated to acquire advance knowledge into geography to be able to mitigate environmental and ecological phenomena in my home country and Africa at large.

 My career plans are in concord with the mission and the vision of the Geography department and it is for this reason that I am enthused to pursue Geography at Ohio university.

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