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I learned so much in the
lessons and know I think I was able to understand various ecological and also
environmental problems. The idea I got from Ecology is that we are all part of the
ecosystem. The existence in this world today is made of the living and also
nonliving things. The two groups have the coexist in order to be able to share
the resources that are much available with the environmental system. Thus to be
able to understand mutual co-relationship we need to be able to study and also
understand ecology.

            When we study ecology I was able to understand that it is
all about connections. By using carefully the ecology principles we can learn
to be able to predict, counteract, extinguish and also prevent potentially
adverse effect that we might have on the globe around us. The second idea I
gathered is of building a future in which should live in harmony with nature.

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            I think it should be paramount to study ecology one is
because I was able to learn about the environmental conservation because
ecology emphasis put on how each species needs the other for peaceful
coexistence. The lack of ecology understanding has led to degradation of land
and environment which Is the home species and thus always leading to extinction
and the endangerment of species.

            The second is resource allocation that all plants and
animals need to share limited natural resources such as minerals, air, space
and also the environment. Lack of ecological knows how has led to deprivation
and the looting of natural resources. The other is energy conservation, all the
species require energy whether light, radiation, and nutrition. The poor
understanding of ecology is seen the destruction of energy resources. In this lesson
was be able to learn that ecology is featuring as key talk in world forums
because the world tries to mitigate destruction that is already living in the

            I gathered the idea alone that evolution is not just
about the fossil. I learned is about molecules, mutations, the genes,
population and the sex in the living organism. All of them are primary sources
of data about the evolutionary processes that always occur when organism trying
to survive and at the same time reproduce. I think nothing can totally be
understood without first understanding the evolution.

            I know understand ecology is important to human life. The
many of the specialties with ecology such as vegetation, marine, and statically
ecology have always provided us with information to better understand the world
around us. The information helps us to improve our environment, manage our
natural resources, and also to be able to protect human life. Ecological has
positively influenced many people to live by improving environment like the
pollution control, an introduction of species invasion and many more.

            My idea from the lesson made me
realized that it helps us to solve biological problems to impact our today
lives. To be able to control hereditary diseases in people’s life, researchers
study the evolutionary histories of disease-causing gene and thus the knowledge
of evolution can improve the quality of human life. In conclusion in this
Evolution and ecology lesson, I was able to gain knowledge which I will share
widely to my society and improve this country as a whole where possible.

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