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I would like to take
an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Mr. Vinit Jain as I have
known Vinit for the past three years and feel that he is a deserving candidate
for your esteemed university graduate program. I have seen many examples of his
ingenuity and have long been impressed by his work ethic, as I was his
professor for Embedded Systems, VLSI Theory, and VLSI LAB.

He is a very humble,
sincere and hardworking student. Not only does he demonstrate good academics
but is also an active participant in technical seminars and workshops like
Micro/Nanodevices, circuits & systems workshop by IEEE Photonics Society of
India and Robotryst by IITB. Vinit has a brilliant grasping power and is very
keen to keep learning new concepts. Vinit’s technical seminar on “Fuzzy
logic” was well researched, presented and well acknowledged by the
students and the staff. Many a time, we engaged in long and productive
conversations about the scope of various areas in real-world industrial
applications and I was impressed by Vinit’s thirst for knowledge about
technical fields and how it would serve him to his advantage.

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Since I was his guide
for his engineering project “Underwater broadband communication”, I closely
observed his research skills. His research work on various underwater models
and channel estimation algorithms would sure give him credit for completing the
entire research work within the allotted time. His successful simulation of the
project in MATLAB would add credibility to his computational skills. His gusto
combined with his humble attitude made it very easy and agreeable for me to
work with him.

Conclusively, I would
like to say that Vinit Jain would prove to be an asset for your institute as he
was for mine. I highly recommend him for the graduate program at your
institution with all possible financial assistance. If you have any further
questions regarding Vinit’s ability or this recommendation, please do not
hesitate to contact me using the information on the letterhead.

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