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    I virtually trust that to emerge the want for
something, one has to undergo a few experiences. This consciousness has helped
me at some stage in my instructional lifestyles to become aware of the hassle
and lacking in my educational lifestyles and given me an opportunity to
accurate them which brought fulfillment in my lifestyles. This notion has
increased my question to discover and learn new things and helped me to set my
direction in instructional lifestyles and studies. Whilst I was 15 years old,
my uncle had died with the aid of the road coincidence in front of me. From
that day I made up my mind to make our transportation system better. My precise
bring about Secondary and Higher Secondary certificates exam had helped me to
confess to one of the first class Engineering College in my country. Deciding
on Civil Engineering might help me to facilitate my procession toward my dream
and I
felt my mind coincided with that study. Then I positioned my awareness on Transportation Engineering and it has emerged
as a motivation for me to convey an exceptional result in undergraduate.
I stood third in order of benefit
listing out of a hundred students, then enlisted in Dean’s list for securing Honors
mark at Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology and got University
Merit Scholarship in all levels of undergraduate study. Now a higher
study on Civil Engineering is my prime concern. I hope, I will find out a
gateway to knowing about a transportation sector in a broad way by my higher

my undergraduate years, I have learned many transport related concepts and
theories which helped me to develop the necessary skill that enhances my
ability to identify problems in the practical and solve it. I can fill my whole
undergraduate life is closely related to the wheels of a car. When
I passed my theoretical lessons in my classroom I found myself as an ordinary
passenger in a car. But when I went to the laboratory and transportation
workshop I felt that steering of the car was in my hand.
My theoretical understanding has been improved by the means of hands-on
experience which helped me to generate an idea and used my idea in my different
sessional works. The fascinating world of transportation
materials made me re-discover a truism. During the 3rd year 1st
semester of my bachelor study, there was a course named Transportation Engineering Lab-?, which
helped me to analyze the specific gravity, penetration, softening point, solubility
and ductility of bituminous material, CBR and bituminous mix design etc. In the
following years, some other courses along with the seminars enabled me to get
familiarized with and increased my interest towards flexible and rigid pavement
design, pavement structure, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing pavements,
asphalt concrete and recycled materials, transportation planning, intelligent
transportation systems etc. I still remember being in a seminar which made me
search the topic “The use of reclaimed
asphalt pavement (RAP) in HMA” in Google afterward, leading me to understand
how the aged materials in RAP blend with the virgin materials. My passion for transportation
materials gave me an opportunity to take training on the Test of Bituminous
material to a group of juniors of my department. All my practical
knowledge gave me chance to talk in front of my teachers, batchmates as well as
many juniors.

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curiosity toward transportation research further enhanced while doing my
undergraduate thesis on – “Assessing improvement of traffic operating condition
of Mirpur road for optimum signal timing setting at the intersection using
CORSIM simulation software”, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Shahid
Mamun. The software allows me to test the impacts of changes before
implementing in real life and replicates the roadway existing travel pattern
with least effort and greater accuracy. This research work has driven me to
arouse my passion of becoming a researcher. To let the world know about my
research I published one conference proceeding on – “Setting of Optimum Signal Timing Using CORSIM Software to improve the
Existing Traffic Operating Condition of Mirpur Road.” and it has been
published in International Conference on Recent Innovation in Civil Engineering
for Sustainable Development (IICSD-2015). Based on the output of
my research work, another paper name “Improvement
assessment of traffic operating condition by applying common traffic management
tools using CORSIM” has been published. Fortunately, during my undergraduate
study, I got a chance to participate an internship program at private
organizations in our country. By these internships, I achieved much knowledge on
traffic impact studies and transportation planning studies, roadway design and
design-related computer programs such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D etc. After
completing the undergraduate program I had worked as a site engineer for 8
months at Nabina Trading Est, which is one of the renowned private company in
Qatar. Here I have attained deep knowledge about planning, coordination, and
supervision of technical aspects of construction projects. Besides all of my
practical works, I have also completed some online courses on the science of
nuclear energy offered by The Open University, urban transportation planning
instructed by Frederick Salvucci (MIT), materials processing instructed by Prof.
Chris Schuh (MIT) etc.

  Independent research requests a ground to
perform, make, think and watch something from the base up. The University of New
Hampshire, with its productive resources and the most developed offices like
the Asphalt Mix Design and Processing Lab, Asphalt Performance Testing Lab,
Test analysis and Modeling Capabilities software can offer me the ideal stage
to accomplish my objective. The sparkling work of Professor Dr. Jo Sias Daniel
on asphalt concrete materials, recycled materials and the effect of climate
change on pavement structure captivated me. Especially the work on the impact
of material properties and performance for RAP and RAS mixtures intrigued me.

an inhabitant of a creating nation, it is an awesome introduction and open door
for me to do inquire about work in the field of transportation. So that, I can
make some commitment to the change of the transportation framework in my nation
and need to bring some new ideas that will move our new age to be a specialist.
As I need to begin a scholarly vocation in instructing or research arranged
field, I wish to seek after Ph.D. degree directly in the wake of finishing the
MS degree. I look forward with a profound feeling of expectation to the chance
to pursue my graduate study at the University of New Hampshire and convey my
ability and assorted variety to the Transportation Engineering.


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