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               I never heard about a subject or course
called “Academic Writing” in my past 12 year’s school-period in India. I mean I
know about English, Physics, Chemistry, Math (my favorite), but “Academic
writing”, what is it?  This is first time
I heard this word at University of Winnipeg and trying to discover what is it
actually. As so far I learn from course description given on Webadvisor, “Academic
Writing teaches the essential strategies for university writing and research:
the discovery of topics, the arrangement of ideas, the assessment of audience
and purpose, and the practice of effective editing.” simply I think it teaches students
how to express their research, discovery, information to the audience in a
professional way.

                                     It is true that academic writing is different
from other types of writing such as emailing, texting, writing in diaries and
journal, creating blogs, jotting notes to friends, or penning poems or song
lyrics as it should not contain first person. For an example, the tone we use
in writing diaries and journal is informal and personal, but academic writing
should be formal and impersonal which have a specific purpose and central idea.
In addition it is different from poems or song lyrics because academic writing
usually not to entertain, but to inform audience. According to me it is based
on researches, education, social issues, and arguments related to serious
topics. In texting we use contractions but academic writing shouldn’t contain
any contraction. Other characteristics that should be found in academic writing
are precision, clarity, conciseness, organized, and should not containing
mechanical and grammatical errors.

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I studied 12 grade English at Winnipeg Adult Education Center. Also there
I never heard a term “Academic Writing” but I did a lot of assignments based on
reflections, arguments, agree or disagree with authors, giving new ideas and
opinions, which might contained some parts of academic writing as they have
similar characteristics such as containing central ideas, targeted audience,
and organized. I remember I used to go to resource room to work on my
assignments and ask teachers for help to edit my assignments, and studying with
friends. Since English in not my first language and I just start to speak,
learn correctly when I came here 2 years ago, I think I was an average student
in high school. My English class teacher Jocelyn motivated and encouraged me a
lot. It is fun to learn other languages.

far I am excited about academic writing as I am going to learn a lot of new
skills such as writing and speaking. In addition I am nervous and nonplussed
about it. I am kind of introvert and public speaking is not my forte. Class
presentations are going to bring challenge for me, but I strongly believe that
life is all about overcoming of fears and grow. After knowing all this I am
still confused and unclear about the term Academic Writing.

                                           In the
conclusion, I would like to say that academic writing course teaches students
to improve writing and public speaking skills, find out new ideas and bring
them in front of people, and discuss opinions. All these skills are going to
help students not only in university study and future careers but also in self-
development. Yet there is a lot more to know about this subject and learn from
it. Overall I am feeling exciting to learn new strategies. I hope this is going
to be a great experience.

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