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I think that “The Babe and I” and “Thank you ma’am” are both similar stories.   “The babe and I” is about a boy who knows his family doesn’t have much money and so he decides to sell newspapers. “Thank you ma’am” is about a boy named Roger and a woman named Mrs.Jones and so Rodger tried to steal Mrs.jones purse but he didn’t get away.   Even though these stories are quite different because Rodger stole and the narrator sold newspapers.  They do share a common theme which is Do the right thing. ” The babe and I” is showing the right thing because he sold newspapers to make money for his family because he saw his dad on the street selling apples but no one bought  from him.   Even though Roger in ” Thank you ma’am” stole and did not do  the right thing, he still promised he would never do it again.   He did it because he was poor and had no money and I’m guessing  no one gave him money.  Even though he stole from Mrs.jones, she still treated him fairly like giving him food and money. I think they realized to be grateful because the narrator said ” I realized how my dad earned his birthday dime and  sorry I had spent it.” That proved that since his dad didn’t make a lot of money, that was probably his first ever dime so he wanted to give it to his son but then the narrator spent it because he wanted a bike and he thought it was funny that his parents gave him a dime.  Rodger learned that he  was lucky to be alive and so he realized that stealing wasnt the right thing to succeed.  I can tell that the narrator was a good kid because he said “Thanks to Mrs.johnson’s baby carriage, I had sold lots of papers. I had 80 cents to give mom for the money jar.” That proves that he doesn’t want to spend anymore, but instead give it to his family’s money jar and his mom.   Also Rodger was sort of a good kid because he said Thank you and listed to Mrs.jones but he stole which is bad. Helping is 1 of the best things to do and also listening is also 1 of the best things to do because you’re showing respect, stealing is bad because you shouldn’t steal and like what they used to say in kindergarten, Don’t take what is not yours. In Both of these stories can be different because the narrator deserved the money because he sold newspapers and that is his money but he decided to give it to him and his family’s money jar and Rodger stole which isn’t right. Also “The babe and I” took place in the great depression and ” Thank you ma’am” took place in recent times I think. Remember to always to do the right thing.

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