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I am
very thankful; we should rather; because we have now the adapted technology in
our new generation which is the social media. 
We all know that social media nowadays is very helpful to us; social
media is way of online communication such as Web sites through which people
create online communities to share information, concept, knowledge personal
messages, etc. Me, I am a social media addict because there I can share my
emotions and I have many social media accounts, but I don’t use them all, you
don’t hesitate to create many accounts, because creating an account in many
social websites are free, you only need an internet connection then you can
create already an account even multiple accounts can do as long as you change
some of the used information of yours like password. The movie “The social
Network” provides us an over view, background, history and the existence of the
very popular social media website which is the “Facebook” and I believe that
all of us even minors who should not yet permitted to have an account in this
social website but because of not so much restriction feature of Facebook they
can join the group and enjoy the Facebook.


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Jesse Eisengerg – Mark Zuckerburg

Rooney Mara – Erica Albright

Andrew Garfield – Eduardo Saverin

Justine Timberlake – Sean Parker

Armie Hammer – Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

Max Minghella – Divya Narenda



movie has always interesting points and in this movie “The social network” it’s
so interesting for us as a computer major who also write codes like the concept
of the movie. I like the idea of Mark Zuckerburg in creating a school website,
but the process in developing the site is not such good in terms of hacking and
stealing the photos and some information of the female students in their campus
which is his medium in developing the site, let us always remember that there are
some rules in netiquette and one of the rule is “Remember the human” think that
you are also a human, we have the same feelings, what if in the case you are
the victim? Of course you don’t want that to happen. In the movie it’s the
existing of the social media “Facebook” I admire the founder Mr. Mark
Zuckerburg for having a brilliant idea in developing the “Facebook”, and in
this movie there is one of the big problem that the founder faces is the theft
Intellectual property, regardless of what happen, the reflection is always do
the right thing in all the process and follow the rules the do’s and don’ts in
using computer internet let’s not abuse our power, the power of having access
in the internet, but rather let’s use the internet to benefit us especially to
the students like me in connection to our research studies.

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