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Human Resources Management is a process used to hire and develop employees, so they become more valuable to the organisation.  Human resource management includes planning personal needs, recruiting the right people for the right job, managing wages and salaries. HRM also provides benefits and incentives, evaluate performances, resolves disputes and communicates with all employees at all levels. (Business Dictionary)The HR department needs to provide a high return on the people they invest into ensuring they get the best out of the employees.(BBC Bitesize)Many businesses have Human Resources as they have become to realise that they need a specialized team to be able to use their expertise to benefit their business.   Human Resources planning is a method used by businesses to farecast how many and what type of employee the business needs now and in the future. For a business to be successful , HR will work out labour requirements and make sure the supply is met to demand. Planning can be long term or short term depending on the needs of the business. When short term planning arises, it is aimed at the immediate attention of what the business needs at that specific moment and in long term, planning will be a future investment and can be carried out over a few years.In the 1990s businesses seemed to be placing greater emphasis on motivation, customer care and training to ensure their employees have a suitable worklife. Most businesses now follow theories and the main two are Maslow’s Hierarchy and Frederick Taylor’s strategy.   Maslow believes where based on two things, motivators and Hygiene factors. Hygiene factors consisted of basic physiological needs, safety and belonging, you was half way to self actualization. Motivators was based on belonging, egotistical behaviours and self actualization. Maslow believed if you was self actualized you was fulfilling potential and achieving targets.Frederick Taylor’s believes were that people only worked for money, that you should only be paid for what they produced, meaning they needed to work harder and be more productive. Workers will make more effort if they was dangles a carrot and was told they would lose money if they did not work hard enough. This type of work was known as productive piece rate It is the Human Resources responsibility to ensure  that forecasting demand for employees, new recruits and current employees are met and plan internal and external supplies are met.(workforce planning- ch63)HR maintains control which enhances employees perception throughout the workplace when the workers believe HR considers employees to be internal customers and renders services. Human Resources helps to improve the company’s bottom line with knowledge of how employees can affect the company’s success. Leaders with expertise in HR management participate in deciding current staffing assessments for the future workforce based on business demand.Human Resource Management develops structures to set company’s wages to ensure that they are competitive with other businesses within the same industry or companies competing with similar skills. HR conduct extensive wage and salary surveys to help maintain costs in line with current organisations financial status and projected revenues.HR have benefit specialists to reduce the company’s cost associated with turnover, hiring and replacing employees. This is important to the business because the skills and expertise they have are necessary for negotiating for employees benefits within the organisations budget and economic conditions. They are also very familiar with employee benefits that are most likely to attract and retain employees which can help reduce company’s cost of the overall turnover.HR has workplace specialist to engage and promote awareness of health and safety. Employees have an obligation to provide safe working conditions. Working safety   and risk management from HR manage Occupational Health and Safety administration regulations through maintaining accurate work logs and records. HR develop programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. The specialists also work hard to promotes safe handling of hazardous chemicals and dangerous equipment.HR employee relations minimize the organisation’s exposure and liability related allegations towards unfair employment practices. They identify, investigate and resolve workplace issues. If the issues are left unattended they could spiral out of control and implicate the organisation in legal mattersHR provides all training and development to coordinate new employee orientation, an essential step in a strong employee-employer relationship.The training and development area also provides training that supports the company’s fair employment practices and employee development to prepare aspiring leaders for supervisory and management roles.Employee relation specialist in HR, help the organisation achieve high performance, morale and satisfaction levels throughout the workforce by creating ways to strengthen the employer-employee relationship. They administer employee opinion surveys, conduct focus groups and seek employee input regarding job satisfaction to retain ways for a good working relationship.HR recruitment manages the employment process from screening resumes to scheduling interviews to processing new employees. They determine the most effective methods for recruiting applicants including assessing which applicants are best suited for the business needs. HR professionals work closely with hiring managers to effect good hiring decisions according to the businesses workforce needs. They provide guidance to managers who are not familiar with HR standards on hiring to ensure the company extends offers to suitable candidates.HR workers ensure that the organisation complies with Employment laws. They complete relevant paperwork to document the company’s employees are eligible to work in the UK. They also monitor compliance with applicable laws for organisations that receive government contracts through maintaining applicant flow logs and action plans.(Chron)A HR department typically must deal with a number of internal and external factors as part of its functions.A external factor which is influenced by the ability to recruit qualified candidates is the applicant’s availability. If the company needs highly specialized skills within the applicants, it may be difficult to locate and attract suitable candidates, especially if the skillset is in high demand across the entire industry. The company’s geographic location may also be a factor as the company may need to focus its recruiting efforts outside the region if unsatisfactory within the area of the company.The new government workplace regulations is an external factor that requires human resources to make sure the company is in compliance.Regulations can influence how a company goes about hiring, training, compensating and disciplining its workers. Not following regulations properly could give employees grounds to take the company to court. When a business plans to meet future changes within the business, it may plan to cut or restructure the businesses, many factors are taken into account.Internal factors that impacts Human Resources is the company’s rate of current and projected growth. Companies undergoing aggressive and rapid expansion may make it necessary for its Human Resources department to focus on recruitment and staffing.Another internal factor is the willingness of Human Resources department and company management to use technology to aid in certain HR functions.HR functions can make an impact on how the department allocates its time and resources.(Biz Fluent)It is a fact that for a company to thrive in the working environment, firms need to constantly need to be ahead of their game and battle other competitors.It id from this the Human Resource Management becomes a valuable tool for any business management to ensure success. In modern-day HRM practices, there is a need to align organisational goals with the HR strategy to ensure that alignment within the employees. This means that the HR department can no longer be viewed as just a part of a company but a vital organ in ensuring the organisation’s success.(MSG)Before hiring an applicant, a company goes through a step by step hiring process. The process is broken down into three sections,with the company looking at a number of employees, the relevant skills and how many people they need to employ.The recruitment phase takes place when the company tries to reach out to applicants through job postings, advertisements and college campuses. Candidates who respond to the advertisements will then be asked to come in for interviews if they meet certain criterias.Employee selection is a process in which the employer looks at the applicants skills to see if they can be a potential candidate. After the assessments complete, the company decides which applicant is suitable for the position.Recruiting qualified and talented candidates is key to help build a successful business for the future. When a business plans to  change or restructure,it may plan to cut or modify the business, many factors are taken into consideration.Internal placements are promoting your own business, advertising the position internally will determine whether any existing employees are ready for the position.When you promote the business, it promotes high morale and has a positive effect on employees. The company believes that  rewarding hard work will encourage other employees to take opportunities that may arise, however, this can leave positions open further down the line which costs time and money.Internal recruiting can inspire employees to perform to their highest ability. When the reward is to have an opportunity to move into a better position,companies believe  the staff will work harder. Internal recruiting has a lower cost to the company as they only have to advertise the job on the company’s notice boards.It is also believed that if you already work for the company you are better positioned as you know the basics and the background of the role.Recruiting external candidates requires more cost as the business has to advertise within newspapers and other networks. There is also the cost of Human Resources to go through the relevant screening process to ensure the candidate is the appropriate candidate. When new positions open up within the company, managers have the opportunity to bring new applicants in over existing employees. When you recruit internally, you are working with the same set of ideas that you had when the process started.Internal recruiting is a way of limiting the flow of ideas into a company, that can help produce and the growth in the business. While internal recruiting can help boost morale it can also turn the other way and lower the morale because employees become focused on competing for jobs rather than trying to become better at their current roles.(Chron)External factors cannot be controlled by the company but by the supply and demand of social and legal environment are all taken into account when recruiting.Image/goodwill, unemployment rate, and competitors are also all detrimental to a business as you cannot do anything to change these issues as you can only deal with the impact once it has happened.(UK essays)Weaknesses in the recruitment process are of general nature but others are specific to internal and external factors.General weaknesses of the  recruitment process is that  some retailers spend time using recruitment tools that do not lead to any better candidates. Often the best candidates are already working in the industry for other companies. Companies that use only internal recruitment restrict themselves to potentially better-qualified candidates from outside of the business.This is also preventing the business from getting the best person possible for the job. The external process typically takes more time and  is more costly as you have to advertise in newspapers or social media and go through all the HR process. (Chron)The strengths of the recruitment process is it brings new perspective to the company, helps to organise and brings new experiences to new employees and avoids spreading effects or series of consequences within the workplace.(academia)

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