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However, the use of social media in higher education learning is not without some intrinsic boundaries. These boundaries are comprised of technology and privacy concerns, control of academics, and the inactive behavior of students and absence of academic language usage. Most of the time it happens because the lack of the awareness and knowledge about the functions are offered by the social media platform.

 Most of the higher learning institution’s learners are depending on the accessibility of information on social media specifically and the web in general to provide answers. As a result, it is reduced the focus on learning and retaining information. A study shows that Students who attempt to multi-task, checking social media sites while studying, their academic performance is not good to compare with others whose are not using.

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Their capability to focus on the task at hand is extensively reduced by the distractions that are brought about by YouTube, Stumble Upon, Facebook or Twitter. The more time students and learners spend their time on social sites, the less time they spend to socialize in person. The main is lack of body signals and other nonverbal cues, like tone and inflection, social networking sites are not a satisfactory replacement for face-to-face communication. Students who spend a huge amount of time on social networking are less able to effectively and properly communicate in person. The advancement of social media features and the speed, at which information is published, has created a lax attitude towards correct spelling and grammar. These reduce a student’s ability to correctly write without relying on a computer’s spell check feature.

Social media can distract students from class learning while they are using these sites in the class time. Social Medias like Facebook and Twitter can divert students’ attention away from what’s happening in class and are ultimately troublesome to the education process.

We know the so many advantages of social media by also there is scope for improvement. if we talk we can talk about two different generation, one is younger generation consists of students who grew up with the Web 2.0 technologies and on the other hand, another generation our older generation which includes several teachers, is forced to adapt to all of these new technologies and find themselves struggling with the changes what technology has done. This generation gap regarding technology is making a teaching and learning gap between teachers and students.

Another big issue about social media is security and privacy issue. When we are doing any thesis and any confidential project it could possible that because of weak security and privacy people can use it in the wrong way which can bring a negative result toward educational institution and students. So teachers should take responsibility to teach and educated their students about security and privacy issue about posting any post. Identities should be protected if not there are huge possibilities that it can burden for students.


In summary, different students are using social Medias in different ways. So we should concern about how students are using these sites. Social media can bring revaluation over our traditionally confined learning in the classroom. But there are so many challenges’ also there but importance cannot be ignored. Nowadays, educational environment’s learning becomes more of a social process and the use of social media making that process very strong. We have to think and have to find out how higher education institutions globally continue to embrace social media to their own advancement and prosperity.





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