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How your beliefs can sabotage your behavior people sabotage their own relationships work and health. sometimes it seems that self-destructive behavior is in almost every aspect of a persons life and everything looks as if he does not even allow himself a drop of happiness or success. In your subconscious there is a complex belief matrix some of it is positive and the other part of it is negative and it works as a filter through which you look at the world. it influences the interpretation of everything you come across and guides you during decision-making. Some beliefs are so closely associated with self-identification that they begin to limit your life and personality. Here are some of the beliefs that can sabotage your behavior- 1- benefits from the problems each of our problems has a secondary benefit that is something good which we wont get if we solve this problem. for example- you do not have a job but you own your time and can sleep before dinner. you are ill but you are given so much attention its so wonderful. 2- conflict of inner mind in mind we dont want to change anything because we have adapted and established a way of life. We like stability and security in our life. If we try to establish a new habit our inner mind says you really want it you really need it and you are now confused. Your other part of the mind will postpone the things; distract you from your task. 3- suggestions of important people if our close ones like mother father wife sister think that you really cant do some particular things then in mind you really believe that maybe you cant do. For example- mother say to daughter every man is a cheater then of course the girl will always doubt the man she will come across. How close ones talk to you how they handle you is very influential on your thoughts. 4- perfection we try to find everything perfect perfect job perfect life and we try everything to get it done. Sometimes it is impossible but we cant accept this. And the run for perfection sabotage your behavior. 5- you think you can do it alone we believe that we can do it all the work alone we dont need any help. You dont want anyone to be part of your success. We ignore the support and help from anyone. And now you are isolated. Dont allow any thought that can make you a negative person. Always try to be positive eliminate the problems that stop you from success. Be supportive and dont feel shy to take help and also to give help. Be happy and keep moving.

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