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How Does Paid Search Marketing Work?Paid Search Marketing (also known as Pay Per Click marketing, PPC marketing, Cost Per Click marketing, or Sponsored Advertising) is one of the best ways to help a business get consistent traffic from relevant search results and other websites. Here’s how it works:1) Consumer goes to and types in a search for “best 12 megapixel digital cameras under $1000″2) Google will yield two main types of search results: (1) organic results = left hand side and (2) sponsored results = right hand side (also on the top left sometimes in a yellow shaded box)3) Consumer will click on the most relevant ad for what they searched for (in this case, one of the sponsored results).FACT: People are more likely to click on the organic results than the sponsored results. However, for highly transactional purchases or items like electronics, shoes, clothing, etc. people seem to find more use out of the sponsored results as they are usually more targeted to specific product search queries.4) By clicking on a sponsored advertisement, the consumer is either taken to a landing page or the homepage of the advertiser’s website to find specific information about the exact thing they searched for.TIP: Do not send traffic to your homepage as it is usually not the most specific, targeted page on your website for each individual product or service you are selling and advertising.5) On the advertiser’s end, when a consumer clicks on one of their advertisements, the advertiser will be charged for that one click. Click prices vary depending on the key phrases used to trigger the advertisements.TIP: To get an approximation of what a specific key phrase might cost you per click on Google, check out Google’s Traffic Estimator Tool.And, that’s it. Pretty simple right? Well, almost. There are many other factors that go into these campaigns, but the basic model is this:1) Advertiser picks key phrases that they want their ads to show up for2) Consumer performs search, sees advertiser’s ad, likes it and then clicks on it3) Advertiser is charged for that one click4) If advertiser decides to stop paying for key phrases then the advertiser’s ads come offline. Or, if the advertiser decides that they want their ads to show up higher or more frequently then they increase their bids on their selected key phrases and also increase their daily ad spend budgets to allow for more clicks.

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