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How would you define a grandma? Is it the only person in your family that knows how to cook? Is it any old lady you see stumbling down the street? Yah it could be. But if you had to define the best grandma that answer would be there is only one and that is MY grandma.People could argue whether that fact is true. But what I surely know is that my Grandma is perfect for me.People normally have a deep relationship with their mother and father. However, I am the exception. If my grandmas house was the equivalent to that of a pod, I can assure you the two peas in that pod wouldn’t be my grandma and grandpa, but my grandmother and I. Ever since I was born prematurely she was the first one to hold me, and put up a fight with anyone who was planning to hold me next. She insisted that if anyone was to touch “her little peanut” the name she still till this day calls me, she will be madder than an old wet hen.Everything about my Nana in my eyes is special; the way she dresses, the way she acts, the way she speaks, the way she moves, etc. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing grandma as my nana. But let’s start to describe the way that my Grandma looks like.At a quick glance, you would expect nothing other than the google image of a typical granny. You would see that her clothes, and her appearance are that of Betty White; however, if you know her as quite well as I do, you could notice that there is impressively more to her. In other words, my Grandma’s image is incomparable.My grandma has a powdery, winter-white perm, with sequenced twirls curled at the tips. Her poofy afro of hair made the best hiding spot for all my assortments of fake toy spiders. Her pale skin is wrinkled and filled with specks of liver spots dotted all around her body like spots on a toad. As I would patiently wait for my Nana to browse each isle in Walmart, id connect her liver spots together like that of a constellation. My Nana may have the shittiest eyesight in the world. Nana also may have had a few wrecks without even knowing it. But she would not be herself without her 100 million pairs of reading glasses, or “her readers” as she likes to call them. Now Nana is more than what you see on the outside. Her appearance alone and the way she acts shows who my nana is. It proves how she is truly the best grandma ever.For example like most elderly people, they tend to speak whatever is on their mind. Well, that’s an understatement when referring to my Nana. She doesn’t care if whatever she says to you offends you, even if you are the god damn president of the united states, she will speak her mind.Since Nana always made it apparent what was on her mind; it was then easy to figure out her expressions and emotions. She always hums her made-up songs; when she is happy. She is angry or upset; when she shakes or frowns. And she is always serious when, wait never mind my grandma is only serious when it comes to Nascar, in that case, you are best to just keep your mouth shut and listen to her scream “I’m gonna marry you one day Jeff Gordon”.She may not be the most intelligent person there is to talk to or listen to, but she sure knows more about some things than you may think. How do you think I am a beast at sudoku or crossword puzzles, don’t even get me started on actual puzzles. My Nana didn’t just teach me how to play games, but she is always full of her what she likes to call her “wisdom” she will continue to tell you she is always right, but conversations with them are full of life. She has years of stories stored up just for you. No matter how many times she repeats them, it’s always delightful to see her light up while narrating them. During the holidays in all of elementary school and every weekend when I was little, Nana would go balls to the wall. I’m talking she was like Santa on Christmas day, bringing treats and toys to everyone. She knew how to decorate the best Christmas tree, gingerbread house, and talk about Halloween. I hardly ever question my grandma’s state of mind but sometimes I just wish she could figure out how to turn on her phone, or simply just know which side to hold the thing.I know you are not gonna believe this but my grandma’s house is actually my favorite place in this whole universe. Yah I know..shocker. Grandma’s house is a person who will cook what you want and not what you need. She will prepare all your favorite things and man, can she cook! On Sundays, Grandmother would cook a big Sunday dinner. Everyone was invited to course which meant my grandmother’s house was always filled with people. With her around, she could bring any family together as long as she made her famous biscuits and gravy. With grandma around, be sure you’ll never go on an empty stomach for more than an hour.Nana’s was the place where id spend most of my time before school, and after. I have always loved my grandmother’s house because it made me feel content and brought joy to my day. There was a smell of coffee and candles that perched the air at all times. I am not sure why every grandma seems to be obsessed with coffee but my Nana sure was. Grandma, Nana, Nanny, Grams, old hag whatever your family might call her has many names for all 30,000 grandkids she has raised/babysat over her infinite lifespan. All of you might be asking yourself what makes this lady so great yah she raised a lot of kids but..but…yah you try to raise at least one kid and let me know how that goes. If there was ever a person who would stand up for you, it’s my grandma. If you ever need an unlimited amount of hard candy or gas money my grandma comes in clutch.When you are feeling sad she never fails to cheer you up with thousands of compliments and fresh Dunkin Donuts, or random gifts she bought for you while spending her afternoons at local garage sales. My grandma might be older, a little more senile, and harder to communicate with but I can assure you “Best Grandma Ever” award belongs to none other than my Grandma.

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