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Honda CRF 230 4 stroke                        vs                           Husqvarna 125 2 stroke    Our project is about dirt bikes, seeing whos is faster in what areas Husqvarna 125 vs. Honda  Crf 230. It is engineering because it has a motor on it. We will need a GoPro which I have,  gas, open field, road, tripod, gear, track in woods. Levi thinks his 230 is going to win i think my 125 is gonna win. My 125 goes 80 mph and his 230 goes 75 mph. 2 strokes usually have more power than 4 strokes because of the pipe, 4 strokes don’t have one. Take a measuring tape mark out how many feet we wanna Race first with dead start a couple times see who come out faster and then start with the bikes running and do 2 out of 3. Next we can see who’s faster on a track.Levi won the 100ft and Camden won 200 ft 300 ft 400 ft 500 ft 600 ft 700 ft 800ft 900ft and 1000 ft 2 out of 3 times on every race.The difference between 4strokes and 2strokes are the engines and weight. The four stokes fire on every other stroke of the piston giving it a less immediate power. 2 stokes fire on every fire of the piston giving them more  immediate power. 4strokes weigh a lot more than 2 strokes. 2strokes are a lot lighter than 4 strokes which makes them easier at navigate on motocross tracks. 4strokes are still good for climbing and obstacle courses but which one you chose is mostly your preferenceIf you own a 2 stroke there will be a lot more repair, but the repairs will be fairly cheap. With a 4 stroke there are less repairs but if you do have to repair it it will cost a lot more than 2 strokes. The reason 4 strokes last longer than 2 strokes is they run on lower rpms where two strokes run on high rpms .The cost difference between them is a lot. Two strokes have to mix oil and gas which can get expensive. With a 4 stroke you put oil in the engine and you only put gas in the tank like your car. 2 strokes are good for riding motocross tracks where there is a need for lot of immediate bursts of power. 4 strokes are good for trail riding and hillclimbing. But you can ride each one on either track.4 stroke are more rider friendly meaning easier to ride. With less immediate power. A 4 stroke is easier to ride but still is a very powerful bike. 2 strokes are lighter than 4 strokes because of the small engine but yet 2 strokes still have more power. 4 strokes have a lot heavier engine but still go fast.S.No.Four Stroke EngineTwo stroke engine1.It has one power stroke for every two revolutions of the crankshaftIt has one power stroke for each revolution of the crankshaft.2.Heavy flywheel is required and engine runs unbalanced because turningmoment on the crankshaft is not even due to one power stroke for every tworevolutions of the crankshaft.Lighter flywheel is required and engine runs balanced because turningmoment is more even due to one power stroke for each revolution of thecrankshaft.3.Engine is heavyEngine is light4.Engine design is complicated due to valve mechanism.Engine design is simple due to absence of valve mechanism.5.More cost.Less cost than 4 stroke.6.Less mechanical efficiency due to more friction on many parts.More mechanical efficiency due to less friction on a few parts.7.More output due to full fresh charge intake and full burnt gasesexhaust.Less output due to mixing of fresh charge with the hot burnt gases.8.Engine runs cooler.Engine runs hotter.9.Engine is water cooled.Engine is air cooled.10.Less fuel consumption and complete burning of fuel.More fuel consumption and fresh charge is mixed with exhaust gases.11.Engine requires more space.Engine requires less space.12.Complicated lubricating system.Simple lubricating system.13.Less noise is created by engine.More noise is created by engine.14.Engine consists of inlet and exhaust valve.Engine consists of inlet and exhaust ports.15.More thermal efficiency.Less thermal efficiency.16.It consumes less lubricating oil.It consumes more lubricating oil.17.Less wear and tear of moving parts.More wear and tear of moving parts.

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