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Alteration of the Natural Environment

            Geography itself is a spatial science that studies the
interaction between Earth’s physical features and other environments that can
alter or affect it. Today, geographers explain changes to our environment
through five main concepts: place, patterns, region, movement, and possibly
most detrimental, human environment-interaction. Arguably, human environment-interaction
is the most detrimental to our environment, as in most cases, it brings out
long term negative results. This human interaction in our environment is
evident in almost all places on Earth, even in my hometown of Dearborn,
Michigan. Here, Ford Motor Company has a chain of factories that have immensely
affected our physical environment and the people within.

            Dearborn and Detroit are home to the largest car
companies, hence the nickname “Motor Town”. This may be a great say for
bragging rights, but it does come with a price as they change the Earth’s
geography and the people within. The chains of factories cause great amounts of
pollution in the air that are harmful to our atmosphere (ozone layer) and the
people living within the city. To see just how detrimental these factories are
to our environment, I decided to compare the city before Ford built its
factories to the city I live in today, filled with the factories. To do so, I
used two spatial analysis tools: maps and a geographic information system
(GIS). First, I laid out two maps, one of the city before factories and one of
the city filled with factories today. Then, through the use of GIS, I was able
to gather and analyze what has changed in the area in between the years. The
results were almost expected, what we see today is nothing like what we saw
years ago. Beautiful landscapes, greenery, and scenery is what we had years ago.
Today, we are left with a city of growing industrialization producing us with
harmful pollutants and factories taking up land by tearing down the trees and
greenery that we have left.

            It’s evident to see that human environment-interaction is
greatly altering Earth’s true geography. These factories in large cities, even
small ones, add up together bringing us closer to a world that is
unrecognizable to the one we had before. Producing large amounts of pollution
not only harms our cities, but also the Earth as a whole through global
warming. I will continue to do spatial analysis studies on this matter to see
its affects as the years progress. Change needs to be put in place in order to
mend this issue. However, change is possible through ways such as regulating
factory pollution or imposing more eco-friendly techniques that will help our
environment improve.

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