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Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I am going to have a speech about the harmful effect on social media. The three biggest problems using social media is that it has effects on people’ sand it is said that it could harm their social life and also their health. One of the worst problem is how it affect people’s health. And the most dangerous thing about social media is when cyberbullying occurs with hateful comment to another person sitting on the other side of the device screen. Nowadays cyberbullying is one of the biggest problems that are happening in the social media world. People are being affected by this almost every day and sometimes the situations have ended in a bad way. Two studies showed that a project called “bully-victims,” meaning teens who are being bullied and bullying others. Research offline shows that the kids are usually most at-risk with a mental health problem. A study found out that 5.4 percent of teenagers were bully-victims, while the other reported found out the prevalence was 11.2 percent.Sleeping disorder is extremely bad for your health and it can affect your body in different ways. By being tired every day you might lose your job if the worst, but it can also cause depression, anxiety and if the worst you might start to lose weight. The screen of your device that you used maybe on everyday bases has screen lightening that shines into your eyes and sends signals to your brain. This interferes with the production of melatonin, which is a chemical needed for sleep. Using your phone while trying to sleep can affect your sleeping schedule greatly. As for feeling as making us feel below par, poor sleep. It has been linked that sleeping less increase a risk of developing anxiety, depression, weight gain. Other studies say that less sleeping can end up with deprivation and high blood pressure or heart disease.Social media has helped people all around the world to keep informed what’s going on in their lives. People also say that social media can create new friendships with people you would have never talked to in real life. Also if you are not able to reach out to a person face-to-face you have the option to call them up on the phone.In conclusion, using social media has huge effects on people because it can end up people getting cyberbullying, but it is also proven that it has caused sleeping disorder which could end up with worst results such as depression and anxiety.

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