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Having blood pressure problems can be gene related and it can occur naturally. This can be caused by the food eaten and by not getting enough exercise. These occurrences happencome in children, young adults and elderly people. About 77.9 Million adults have issues with high blood pressure. 47.5 percent of these people do not have control of it,and living with no treatment as of (AHA, 2013)”. First off all, Has one ever thought why blood pressure is not the same as older people or even younger people.Elderly people have more BP problems because of higher chances of complications with their body. For example, arteries could be getting too narrow and wouldn’t  be getting the right amount of blood to the main organs, such as the heart or kidneys. In some cases, there too much blood which could result in having too many red blood cells.There has to be some kind of pressure in one’s body. Having too much could cause damage and symptoms could appear with no signs.Secondly, is to  figure out what determines our blood pressure when high or low. The reason people have low blood pressure is because our arteries get narrow and can’t pump blood correctly. The reasoning behind our arteries narrowing is a result of fat  like cholesterol and other substances building up  (Mayo Clinic Staff,2017). When this happens people could have no symptoms at all, which is called silent CHD. Although when properly diagnosed, one could see signs such as heart attacks, heart failures or arrhythmias (Gibbons,2016). Lastly, has this occurred when experiencing  high or low blood pressure? What other kind of damage can many of these things do to bodies? “If eating have meals with high levels of sodium that is causing one’s blood pressure to rise also” (Gholipour,2017). The answer to this is usually to watch one’s eating and cut back on carbs/salt in general. Having high blood pressure can physically hurt one, but can also hurt one mentally. Having BP problems results in kidney problems in the long run.These types of diseases can be uncontrollable and untreatable. Roughly half the people with BP problems die from heart disease, which is linked with lack of blood flow, also known as ICD. In conclusion, these are serious and sometimes untreatable diseases that almost always stem from blood pressure problems.There are many reasons why one may have these problems, and this does not always have to run in one’s  family, or just happen by developmental things. This is a real problem for those who overeat  and don’t exercise regularly. Not only older people can get heart complications or kidney failure. Children starting at the age of 5 can develop this just as easy as adults.

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