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Have you ever noticed that a part of
your body gets slimmed down and perfectly toned but the other parts remain as
it is-flabby and out of shape? You might be wondering what is wrong with your
body. You are regularly working out hard but still not getting the perfect
shape. Why? The main reason is you aren’t focusing on the total body workout.

By working only on your target area,
you are focusing on that particular muscle group neglecting the other parts of
your body. Do you know you if you properly involve in full body workout, you
can meet your fitness goals more effectively and faster? Think about it once do
you want only your abs to look great or want to showcase a completely svelte

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When you involve yourself in a total
body workout there are varieties of exercise you can engage in. You can choose
aerobics, cardiovascular routines weight lifting or free weight exercises and
even involve few dance routines. With so many varieties you will actually never
get bored and enjoy your workout sessions. When one gets so many variations
there is obviously fun and enjoyment that encourages continuing with the
fitness regimes.

Do you know you burn more calories
while doing a complete body workout rather than just focusing on few targeted
muscles? Suppose you are working out for ripped abs. Your focus is definitely
on the mid section area and you even burn calories from that particular area
too. Because your focus is on a particular muscle group you will burn calories
from that particular muscle itself. Why do you want to waste your time focusing
on each muscle group separately when you can burn calories with the help of a total
body workout?

When you dedicate on one area workout
there are chances that you over train the muscles by working that particular
area over and over again. When you are doing a total body workout there is less
likely to repeat the same reps over a particular area. Thus, a complete body
workout prevents over training your muscles and also from stress and injuries.

The total body workout also helps in
body building and muscle gaining. When you work out your entire body, your body
releases more natural growth hormone that propels muscle mass growth. You will
also get stronger muscles and higher stability of your body when you practice a
complete body workout. When there is a total body workout the focus is on
multiple muscle groups as the workout session consists of multi-joint

It will be foolish if you overlook
the benefits of a total body workout when your brain is concerned. Do you know  a full body workout help you to fight stress
and depression? When you workout, your body releases endorphins that improves
your mental clarity. A complete body workout helps you to stay in shape and
strengthens your body both from inside and outside. Hence focus on your
complete body rather than working out just on your trouble areas.




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