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Hajj (also as “Haj”) in Arabic (Arabic: ????? ?a?? “pilgrimage”) is islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, holy city of Muslims.Hajj is secound largest gatherning which bring all muslims of the world together in one place and do worship of ‘allal’.The Five Pillars of Islam (ark?n al-Isl?m ????? ???????; also ark?n al-d?n ????? ????? “pillars of the religion”) are five basic acts in Islam, considered mandatory by believers and are the foundation of Muslim life.Hajj is a form of worship, where physical and religious factors interleave.Hajj is the holy journey which cleanses mankind of all evils and all who are able must take the holy pilgrimage once in their lifetime. Hajj is more than just an obligation; it is good chance for all those people to ask for Allah’s forgiveness and blessing and make a fresh start with their lives. Moreover, hajj is basically the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which takes place between the 8th and the 12th day of the Dhu al Hijjah month, during the Islamic calendar. The hajj packages provided by different travel companies across the world to Muslims and these companies provide the proper guide going to the pilgrimage.Makkah and Maddinah are hot and warm places where increases to help 40 degree celcius temp. This add to the herd along with blasting sun suggests you’ve got to make certain you put on correct kind of garments. You must just remember to get more wrap up regarding al aqsa tours for Hajj. People who find they touring should have comfy voyage along with keep.Role of The Khalifah Group Hajj Agents in Arranging Hajj.Hajj is not trip or holiday. its is spiritual journey to meet our soul to ‘allah’,so pick hajj packages carefully ad with expect guideness.-Booking always start in Advance.Book of Air tickets as per schedules.-We complete formalities of Application for Hajj Visa and Drafts.-Booking of Hotels Room, according to hajj packages you choose.-Book of restaurant,budget,and confortable hotel.The Khalifah Group has formulated their Hajj package comparison reports by comparing their low cost Hajj packages with the government packages and present the fact that their low cost Hajj packages 2018 are much less in cost then the Hajj package offered by the government.

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