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SHSS 150 (9)

Summary Response.

the article, “People Like Us” by David Brooks, argues that although the United
States (U.S.) is considered as a diverse national country, however, it is
homogeneous in some specific aspects like interactions between people. The
objective of this article is – to awake the audience to the reality of
segregation. From the different perspective, the target of the article might be
taken into account as a social critique against the segregation of American
people. The author asserts that some universities in the U.S. have structured
their employment policies in such ways that only people with desired political
ideologies could be admitted. He claims that such methods lead to cultural
segregation. Furthermore, the author contends that the U.S. population is
distributed based on matters such as social, financial and class status. For
example, people with roughly the same amount of income levels tend to settle
together as neighbours like people who have common interests in social
activities which create own company to share their resemblance. As an
illustration of these truths, the cases of the African, American communities
and mountain bikers are used. By giving evidence and examples Brooks points out
that people should get out of their created monotonous circle and make changes
to their lives. Even though they are individually homogenous, let to be
heterogeneous at experiences.

In my point of view, it is true
that people have the tendency towards similar people in terms of various
aspects, despite that people should let variation to enter their lives and
reverentially perceive preferences of others.



Brooks, D.
(2018). People Like Us.The Atlantic.
September 2003. Retrieved from





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