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Great countries made off of strong societies while Strong societies made off of untied people who came from unbroken families. Thinking of the house as a school and the teachers are the parents. Kids will not be able to learn moral values, and life lessons if the parents disagree with each other. Unhealthy relationship between parents will create a broken family that will grow broken kids emotionally and mentally. Divorce should not be the solution of any problem because it will affect the parents, kids, and society in a negative way.Parents will suffer through divorce process and after. Divorce will cause them to reduce their standard of living and well-being as well. Both sides will experience a tough time trying to be around their kids and provide them life materials. It will take them a long time to find the next partner who can help them financially and emotionally. In addition, Married people live longer and have a healthier life while divorced people have a higher chance to die based on what the latest study showed, “divorced people were 27% more likely to die” (Bella DePaulo). The author showed the worst effect of divorcing that can happen to the parents after divorce. although this may be true, but the main victim are not the parents.Kids are the victim of divorce. Most parents do not think of what is the results on their kids when they will be separated. children will go through behavioral and emotional suffering in order to familiarize to the life after divorce. The kid will go through several feelings such as anger towards themselves and the parent that started the divorce which that will make a significant impact on their academic performance according to James H. Rumbaugh, “children ofdivorce as a group would show deficits in academic performance compared to children from intact families, even several years after their parents’ separation”. James remarks that kids who experienced divorce will show a decrease on their grades in school. In that case, there is a big chance that kids will drop out of school which that will impact negatively on society.There are several issues that appear in the society with the absence of education. we see that the uneducated person is not having a decent job and not having a handsome salary package then he sadly moves toward poor health and poverty. He is, therefore, unable to save even the short sort of money for the long-term plan or for future that is, pushing their loved ones into the deeper holes of poverty. Being in a situation in life where making enough money to eat is impossible will forces people to follow the path of crime to provide money. On the other side, as a psychological potential, poverty does not cause crime, but other factors would as what the writer once stated, “from a psychological perspective, Ward said there was very little connection between poverty and crime. Rather, it is the environment of poverty that can lead people to commit crimes” (Ben Markley). Ben believed that poverty is not the main reason that leads to commit crime but the negative vibes that poor people sounded by. Again, divorce is what causing all the negative factors that impacting negatively on people and society.In conclusion, divorce definitely brings harmful effect on adults and children emotionally, psychologically, and financially, and the effects are long-term. Married Couples, especially those who already have children should try their best to make the relationship work. In situations where divorce could not be avoided, parents should keep the child out of the conflicts that happens between them. A positive mature character model should surround the child at all times if possible to provide the child with good feelings and support.

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