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Gordon Downie, also referred to as Gord Downie, was a renowned Canadian musician and singer. Gord Downie’s band, the Tragically Hip, has composed 16 albums, 9 of which reached the no.1 spot Canadian charts. Moreover, they won a number of other awards that mark their extraordinary music. Other than being a successful musician, Mr. Downie is also largely admired for his charity work. As a fellow Canadian, he has dedicated his cause to Canada’s decade long problem of Native Reconciliation. Through his album “Secret Path”, he discussed the story of a boy who tried to escape the horrors of residential school but died on the way to home. Using the story as a metaphor, he and his band held up the true stories of the nightmare that was the Residential schools. Despite being such a generous soul, the heavens showed him no mercy. On October 17th, 2017, he lost his year long battle with brain cancer and tragically exhaled his last breath with his family members on his side. Though many people point to certain events to explain how he turned out to be, it was mostly his childhood that was responsible for molding Downie the way he was. He was born in February the 6th, 1964, at Amherstview, Ontario. As a child, he was a spectacular hockey player. Which, in return, meant that he was a serious hockey fan. His song “50 mission Cap” was an inevitable proof of that. “50 Mission Cap” is about a Maple Leaf player named Bill Barilko who brought the team a glorious victory at the Stanley Cups. During his teenage years, he attended two high schools. Although he attended Gr. 9 and 10 in the Ernestown Secondary school he graduated from Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. His second high school would later become important in his life as he later forms an alternative rock band with some of his friends from that institute. Despite having a film major from the Queen’s University, he chose to form a rock band with his high school friends and became a musician. As mentioned earlier, in the year of 1983, Gord Downie formed a rock band with some of his old friends from Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. They named it “Tragically Hip”, sometimes simply referred to as the “Hip”. As a start, they made covers for famous songs from well-known classical rock bands. For example: Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc. However, on 1989, they released their first original studio album “Up to Here”. By the time Gord Downie passed away, they released 16 albums; 14 studio (including “Up to Here”) and two live. Out of the 16 albums they released, 9 of them won the reputable “Juno award”. Despite being the frontman and lyricist of the “Tragically Hip”, Gord Downie was also a solo artist. He released five solo albums, all of which were studio albums. Though his solo career was not as popular as his “Hip” career, he won three Juno awards for his work; two of which came from his fifth and last solo album “Secret Path”.Speaking of the “Secret Path”, Gord Downie devoted a lot of his time to charity work. As a proud Canadian, he tried to tackle the decade long national issue of Indigenous Reconciliation. In “Secret Path”, he told the story of Chanie Wenjack; a 12-year old boy who tried to escape the horrors of his residential school by running away but lost his life in the process. Through this story, he tried to raise awareness about how unjustly indigenous people were treated throughout history. Moreover, he created the “Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund”; a fund that aims to continue and reinforce the fight for reconciliation that was begun by the “Secret Path”.Gord Downie exhaled for the last time on October 17, 2017. The cause of his death was Glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer that can kill a patient in weeks if it is not treated immediately. Gord Downie’s cancer was diagnosed on May 24th, 2016. In response, he made one last tour throughout Canada to meet his fans and share his music. Thanks to his advanced medical care, he was able to survive one more year after the diagnosis.Gordon Downie was a man of admiration, both as a musician and a human being. His charity work for Indigenous reconciliation has become one of the successful non-governmental effort towards reconciliation. Not to mention, he was a musician with unmatchable talent and passion, something that brought him to the nation’s stages. His death was a tragedy that reinforced all his achievements instead of crumbling it. By all counts, and with proven results, Gord Downie is one of most remarkable musicians of all time.

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