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Going to talk about one of most common
habit done by children. better to do this habit before eruption of the
permanent teeth. The permanent incisors will be affected, however the effects
will be reversed naturally if the habit stopped during the mixed dentition
stage. thumb sucking habit become less socially acceptable when their child is
getting older . malocclusion is dependent on: The intensity ,The frequency ,The
duration . If child sucking thumb intermittently is not going to move teeth but
if he sucking for more thane 6 hours it will move teeth cause significant
dental change . If child doing thumb sucking for few months will produce, anterior
open bite or reduced overbite, increased over-jet and greater maxillary arch
width . 

how to manage
thumb sucking : we have many ways but before talking about manage of thumb
sucking we should keep in mind this thinks : Timing of treatment should be
measured carefully , Parents and child should want to terminate habit , Child
should be given chance to terminate habit spontaneously by him  self , If alternative treatment chosen to stop
habit it should be between 4-6 years of age , Sometimes in school age he will
have a pressure from his friends to stop this habit . Counseling: Discuss
problem with parents explain aesthetics. 
Reminder therapy: may be children want to stop habit but need reminder
help like plaster or Thumb Guard. Reward system: one of more likely

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Success like placing
stickers on home calendar for the days passing with no thumb sucking (like
game) .  Adjunctive therapy : If habit
persist after reminder and reward therapy and the child really want to
eliminate habit, adjunctive therapy used or placing appliance in mouth that
make habit difficult for example  we can
use Quad helix , Palatal crib and Bluegrass appliance for thumb sucking habit

CONCLUSION : we should start treatment from talking with Parents
and child to placing appliance (try one by one ) 

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