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Globalization had slowly changed our
lives without the sense of us. The advancements in Information and
Communication Technologies (ICT) allow us to access the world without a border.
For an instant, the Internet enables us to communicate with our loved one at any
time and any place. In this modern-day usage of mobile phone had played a vital
role in our society. Based on Statista DMO, 2017 a prediction on the population
with a smartphone will increase gradually from 2015 to 2022 which is from
53.92% to 68.46%. This indicates that most if not all the college students own
a smartphone. This age range was chosen because of over dependent attitude and unrelated
usage of this devices was showed and had become the concern of the members of
the public. The presence of smartphone alters the traditional function of the mobile
phone as it not just only for voice communication tools, while it had become a
universal tool. Nowadays a smartphone is associated with multiple functions such
as an advanced camera, calculator, large memorise storage, and accessible to
the Internet. This enables smartphone conquered the market although it only
emerged in the past few years.   

In the pathway of this transformation,
the addiction toward those high technology devices had become a sombre problem
among the public. However, it majority affect our younger generation as
smartphones are capable of downloading applications on the phone. This
situation becomes more problematics when the application able to run without
the Internet connection. This is because students will run their application despite
things that happened to them as follow their desire. This altered the role of
students in the class and there was a higher risk being distracted from the lecture
while removing their attention to the screen of their phone. This will ultimately
affect their academic performance. Interestingly, this gives a conflict between
the view of a teacher and a parent. In the stand of a teacher, the teacher is giving
more concern that presence of the mobile phone in class will affect the disciplinary
of the class. On the other hand, form the parents’ perspectives parents are more
worried about means of contacting their fellow children at every point in time.

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The purpose of this study is to
investigate the possible effect on usage of the smartphone in class on the academic
performance of the student and the possible engagement between the lecturers and
the students when the smartphone is introduced for in-class activities. This is
to provide a better guideline for the lecturer to provide more efficient
teaching method for the future student and has a better understanding of the
impact of the mobile phone on this generation. Besides that, the nature of the
study is also trying to explain the reasons behind of the poor academic performance. 

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