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Global supply is the management of suppliers, warehouses,
manufactures, distribution centers, retailers and wholesalers. It also
encompasses any type of data that is needed with the global supply chain.
Global supply is pretty much the same as regular supply chain, but now it is
own a much larger scale. As the world continues to get smaller the larger and
more complex Global supply chains are becoming. Most companies are not only
dealing with problems and issues that happening garrison, but now with global
supply they have to deal with those same issues and problems aboard now. Some
might think that having a company that is globally know is great thing. It can
be but just like anything else it can have its advantages and disadvantages.

Globalization in the supply chain a company will create new and
improved ways to increase sourcing and to go into new markets. Global supply
chain can create new business opportunities like more diverse picking of staff,
materials, products, and new and innovative ways of doing business and business
processes. More good and services in most cases means that the company can have
a higher quality or lower cost options. When a supply chain globalize you can
reach new customers because you have entered into a new market. When a company
gets new customers more than likely they are going to increase their revenue.
Globalization also means that a company has grown and probably will continue to
grow. New technology will come in place to help the company get more efficient
to supply its customers. The biggest advantage of a global supply chain is the
option of the money that will be saved. When you enter a new market it will be
an abundance of materials, workers and new and cheaper way of transportation.

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Globalization when it comes to the supply chain also has its
disadvantages. When you are working with a global supply chain you can run into
management issues. When a company has operations across borders you can have
inventory and distribution issues. You ca not have enough inventory to supply
the customer or you have the inventory but nowhere to store it. Also when your
supply chain is global you are at a greater risk of natural disaster that
happen in that county. When you only operate in your home country you can
predict the patterns of what might occur. And usually you have a contingency
plan in place to help with anything that might happen. But when you are abroad
you are at the mercy of the host country and hope that a natural disaster does
not happen and if it does happen it does not stop or shut down the overall
operation. Global competition is probably the biggest disadvantage in the
global supply chain. When you do enter in that new market you are not the only.
Having two or more companies in a new market could lead to a limited amount of
resources and workers. And lastly you have legal issues that one might face
when you operate in a new market. Laws and policies do not go across
international borders. So a company needs to know the laws and policies of the
host country.

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