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gentlemen, there is nothing more potentially damaging and devastating to a guy’s confidence like hair loss thinning balding they both suck but the reality is that the majority of us will experience some degree of hair loss or thinning at some point in our life and due to the fact that I get a crap ton of emails from guys that are like oh I’m losing my hair and I’m freaking out what can I do where guys are like hey I lost my hair should I consider a toupee today gentlemen I thought that we’d go over the different hair loss treatment options what’s out there to slow it to cons of each so I’ve already done a few videos talking about a few different treatment options the most popular hands-down has got to be Elm ear I take you along and show you this procedure now sure it looks great after right the upside is that it’s quick the other upside is that it actually looks pretty decent it’s very difficult to tell it’s not your daddy’s toupee the downside however it’s not a permanent fix and it is crazy expensive but if you want to check out the video it’s listed in linked in the description I also did another video where I sat down with the guy who did Al Mears treatment his name is Curtis Curtis has a lot of experience with hair transplants he’s had one himself so I sat down and asked him all the questions that I could think of and got as much information about getting a hair transplant as possible the upside to hair transplant is that it does that it takes a lot of procedures generally a minimum of two it’s also incredibly pricey and it’s painful now say you’ve had a hair restoration process done alright and you know like I wish it was a little bit thicker or you’re somebody who is thin you’re not totally bald but you’re like man I’m really just a little bit insecure about this bald spot I wish my hair look thicker I also did a video talking about this product it’s called go fibre this is some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen I actually took it to test it on myhair stylist even if is that video actually that clip so good let’s see it now

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