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From laptops to
smartphones, technology has now become one of our most important accessories. The
fashion world is mainly known for always changing and for always providing new
trends. For the past couple of years, the relationship between technology and
fashion have been growing and becoming more intertwined. The fashion and the
technology world are constantly changing. When it comes to technology, big companies
are always trying to improve the design of their products to make it more
appealing and updated. For fashion, technology has helped certain areas such as
e-commerce and forecasting new trends. Technology impacts the fashion world by
providing fashion brands many opportunities to grow.

E- Commerce has had and still has a big impact on
the fashion world. Fashion brands decided to adapt to E-commerce to be able to
reach out to more customers. “E-commerce and an integrated social plan
can actually help small brands to go. In fact, retailers such as Shop Direct
and Tesco are keener today than ever before to work with startups and small
businesses and are even setting up startup incubators to satisfy their hunger
for innovation”(Cecilio).
E-commerce is not only about online shopping but also about expanding your
brand using social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. One of reasons for
the success of E-commerce
of fashion is on how you should invest in the marketing field and how to reach
your target audience. For the past few years many brands started to offer
online shopping. Online shopping not only is known as a time saver but a way to
get your products across many kinds of people. Years ago, going out shopping
was all about being social, and now online shopping has become something social
as well. Through internet customers are able to get reviews of certain products
and certain websites even have Questions and answers which are replied by costumers
that have bought that product. “In
fact, according to a survey conducted by Bazaarvoice in November 2013 of 1,500
adult consumers in the United Kingdom, 70% read reviews before making a
purchase decision” (Di

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way that technology is shaping the fashion industry is throughout fashion and
lifestyle blogs. Bloggers are known as digital influencers. To be a digital
influencer it means to have the ability to change opinions and reach measurable
outcomes online. A blogger is someone who constantly writes materials for a
blog. The material can be anything from recipes to fashion tips. Today, many
brands pay these fashion bloggers or anyone with a big follower number so they
can advertise their most recent and top seller product on their blog and social
media accounts. Arielle Charnas from SomethingNavy, recently opened up about
how it works to be sponsored by brands. “Arielle explained how brands contact
her, the Something Navy team, and her agency. Most major influencers are
represented by agencies, just like models and actors are!”(Levinson). Charnas also mentioned how it is all about negotiation. A brand will
ask for a number of Instagram posts, and if you don’t like that idea you can
work around it by also using a blog post, or even an Instagram Story. (Levinson) You don’t need to have a
big followings to also be a digital influencer. “Arielle
discussed “micro bloggers” who have smaller followings — say a few thousand
vs. one million. Brands do want to work with these people, as well, since their
followings can have high engagement.” Nowadays bloggers have a big
impact in the industry. “Especially in beauty and
fashion industry, customers tend to follow number of bloggers at once to see
what is trending. The most popular blogs with the highest number of followers
work as so-called “hubs” in the blogosphere and have the highest influence
on followers” (Bilkova). Brands are not only looking for
bloggers to showcase but also famous people. Recently Brooklyn Beckham, the son
of David and Victoria Beckham revealed that he was going to be shooting for
Burberry’s new campaign. Many thought that it was an insult to well-known
photographers or any that are trying to be successful. Christopher Bailey,
Burberry’s president hinted that Brooklyn’s Instagram followers got him the gig
and not his famous parents. “…the choice of
Brooklyn as photographer was less about how well-connected famous people can
get their kids into competitive professions than a reflection of just how much
social media has shaken up the fashion industry.” (Hope).

only brands are being benefited from social media but also models. Famous
models from this decade such as Kendall Jenner, and Gigi and Bella Hadid own
their success and large following numbers to social media. In today’s times,
social media offers models to not only be used to wear clothes and walk down a
runaway, now they’re also considered personalities and they are also able to
create a more forward connection between brands and clients.

Vogue Magazine states:

There is also the matter
that as the number of followers a model has increased in importance, the focus
shifted from the quality of a model’s work to their ability to produce likes,
clicks, and online buzz. It is becoming increasingly standard procedure for
castings to ask for social statistics in addition to the standard measurements
(despite the fact of most backstages being social media–free zones), which
leads to cases where an individual’s audience trumps all else. When the
objective is generating attention—and hopefully getting those millions of fans
to open their wallets—basic modeling skills like posing and having a great walk
can fall by the wayside, to the detriment of the show, or shoot, and ultimately
the industry at large.


Social media is the gathering of online platforms,
which are used to communicate, share profiles, medias and opinions. Over the
years, social media has become an important an efficient marketing tool, it has
opened up doors for marketers to create brand knowledge amidst
their customers. The impact of
social media on the fashion industry is obvious, it is not only used to promote
products but also from livestreaming fashion shows to the important fashion
weeks, we are able to get an ample amount of opinions from everywhere in the
world using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The creation of
those platforms and others are have mostly benefited the fashion industry. The use
of social media not only helps brands boost their sales, but also extends the
communication between the brand and the consumer. Through social media, we are
able to catch new trends. “The presence of fashion designers on
the social networking websites are of extreme importance. The designer and
brands who realize the true worth of social media are the ones who have massive
fan following.” (Ahmad,
Nawaz, et al).

Many people have stopped relying on magazines
and such and started to rely on bloggers since they show that they are “one of
us”. “Gone are the days when women took their
beauty tips mainly from fashion and beauty magazines. In the digital age, those
titles — and their editors — are quickly becoming almost irrelevant, not only
to consumers but to the brands themselves” (Strugatz). To put it in
another way, brands and consumers are starting to not pay much attention to
magazine editors or people that were once important in the fashion industry.

Last fall, the editors of Vogue magazine
posted an article bashing fashion bloggers. The whole article concentrated
around bloggers and called them “death of style”. Nowadays, the high fashion editors,
sees blogging like hobby and not an actual job “Note to
bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop.
Find another business. You are heralding the death of style.”( To
put it another way, they are saying how bloggers only use paid-to-wear outfits
when most, if not all of them do the same. After the article came out, many successful bloggers
spoke out about it. Many bloggers took their time to respond back to the
article. “I’ve always felt the word
“blogger” is reductive and non-descriptive of what I and many others like
myself do. I am an entrepreneur, an influencer, a business woman…and yes, I
have a blog too. It saddens me that a respected institution such as Vogue would
insult bloggers and attempt to discourage young woman from forging their own
career paths, by expressing themselves through what Vogue represents; personal
style fashion.” (Bernstein)

such a small amount of time a lot has changed. Back then we didn’t have any of
the tools we have today to help promote the fashion industry. Years ago, all we
had were magazines and word of mouth to spread the latest fashions. Modern
times, we have all these platforms to publicize the brands and make it more accessible
to its audience. By embracing all of these new tools, brands are only going to
grow but revolutionize.






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