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From 1933 through much of WW2, the Jewish, Roma, and other communities suffered from discrimination, segregation, and genocide due to Adolf Hitler’s ideals and beliefs. After Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933, he implemented policies of “synchronization”, where organizations, political parties, and state governments were inculcated with Natzi goals and placing them in Natzi control. When Hitler came to power, his beliefs were spread in publicly displayed posters, on the radio, in movies, in classrooms, and in the newspaper. Law, culture, education, and economy were controlled by Nazis. It was a clear sign that when Hitler was appointed chancellor, Germany’s democracy ended. In Hitler’s earlier years, he was obsessed with his ideas about race, and racial “purity”. He believed in the superiority of the “German race”, and that they were the master race that would someday take over the world. Hitler used the word “Aryan” to describe his idea of a “perfect German race”. The “ideal aryan” was tall, had pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Other races such as the Jews, Romani (Gypsy), African-Germans, handicapped individuals, including mentally ill, homosexuals, and many more were labelled “evil” and “inferior to the “Aryan” race. Although this pertained mainly to the Jews and Romani (Gypsy). Hitler attempted to “rid” the world of this “evil” in six stages. The first stage is definition. The Jews are defined as the “other” through legalized discrimination, and were viewed not as a religious group, but as a “poisonous race”, that “lived off” other races and weakened them. The Nuremberg Laws; passed on September 15, 1935, defined who was a Jew, and who was not a Jew. Anyone, regardless if they identify themselves as a jew or not, but had three or more Jewish grandparents, were defined as a Jew. If an individual or their grandparents converted from judaism to another religion, they were defined as a Jew. Nazi teachers began to apply the “principles” of racial science in their teachings. They performed a series of tests to determine whether the students belonged to the “true Aryan” race. Jews and Romani (Gypsy) students were often humiliated in the process. Propaganda posters that portrayed Jews as different and inferior to “Aryans” were also put up publicly throughout Germany. The second stage was isolation. Once individuals are labelled as Jews, they are separated from society. Laws restricted Jews from attending German schools or universities, public parks, movie theatres, and more. Many Germans also stopped associating themselves with Jews, and “non-Aryans”. Jewish doctors and lawyers had their licenses taken away, Jewish businesses were taken over by Germans, and Jews were excluded from the civil service. In addition to that, German physicians were allowed to perform forced sterilizations on “non-Aryan” men, women, and children, making it impossible for the victims to have children.         

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