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From Windsor: 1,584 km via Air Canada $227

Total: 1,584 km

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April 10-12

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Landform Region: Appalachians

Climate Region: Atlantic Maritime

Average Temperature in April: 4°c

Ecozone: Atlantic Maritime 

Population: 411,000 as of 10/20/2017

Population Density: 74/km²


Culture: Halifax is home to a very active
arts community that receives a large amount of public support. The theatre,
dance, and music community are very large in Halifax. Though not very
multiculturally diverse, the Halifax municipality is attempting to attract
immigrants in order to change this.

Wildlife/Vegetation: There are seventy
different species of mammal in Halifax, from bats, moles, and hares to whales,
cougars, and lynxes. There is a much higher number of bird species, coming up
to approximately 478.  These include
various species of ducks, owls, and geese. Black Spruce and Balsam Fir make up
the majority of the forested land, with lesser amounts of White Spruce and Tamarack.

Resources: Most of Halifax’s economy focuses
around agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry and natural gas extraction.
Fishing harbors are located all along coastal areas, with agriculture and
forestry being most prominent in Musquodoboit Valley. Natural gas fields off
the Coast of Sable Island make up most of the gas extraction industry, with the
mining of clay, shale, gold, limestone, and gypsum occurring in the rural areas
of the city.

From Halifax: 3757km via Westjet $498

Total: 5,341km

Dates: April 13-15

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Landform Region: Canadian Shield

Climate Region: Taiga

Average Temperature in April: -6°c

Ecozone: Taiga Shield

Population: 19,569 as of 2016

Population Density: 143.68/km²


Culture: Yellowknife’s culture is deeply rooted
in aboriginal culture, with events such as Aboriginal Day. 61% of the Northwest
VT1 self-identify
as Northern American Indian, and a large amount of Yellowknife’s population is
also North American Indian. A large amount of the population depends upon
subsistence hunting, and many people share stories and folklore from Aboriginal
Religion/spiritual beliefsVT2 .

Wildlife/VegetationVT3 :
Yellowknife’s wildlife is made up of animals such as polar bears, mountain
goats, wolves, and caribou. There are many species of bird as well, including
eagles, cranes, owls, and grebes. Most of the forests consist of Balsam Poplar
and Black Spruce.

Resources: The main industries surround mining
and gas and oil extraction.  The
Northwest Territories has a vast undeveloped supply of oil and gas reserves.
The territory is estimated to hold as much as 37% of Canada’s light crude oil
resources, and 35% of its marketable natural gas resources. There are four
mines in the Northwest Territories, mostly focusing on diamond mining.

From Yellowknife: 1260km by planeVT4 

Total: 6,601km

Dates: April 15-18

Calgary, Alberta

Landform Region: Interior Plains

Climate Region: Prairies

Average Temperature in April: 5°c

Ecozone: Prairies

Population: 1,239,220

Population Density: 1,501/km²


Culture: Calgary has a very diverse culture.
People express themselves in every imaginable way, through art, food, fashion,
dance, film, festivals, cultural celebrations and more. There are over 120
languages spoken in Calgary, and a wide range of race, religions, and cultures
are represented. Art is a very important aspect of Calgary’s culture, with a
large number of art centers and an insane amount of art related events and
festivals occur every year.

Wildlife/Vegetation: Animals such as coyotes,
beavers, and deer are very common in Calgary’s wild space. There are many bird
species as well, most common of which are the Great Horned Owl, White Tailed
Jackrabbit, Black-Capped Chickadee, and White-Breasted Nuthatch. They are
mainly composed of Balsam Poplar and Aspen trees. Besides this, there are
smaller shrubs and forbs in natural areas.

Resources: A large part of Calgary’s economy
focuses around crude oil and gas. Alberta produces 1/3 of Canada’s crude oil,
and Calgary is the center of this industry. In fact, two/thirds of Calgary’s
124 head offices are focused in the energy and oilfield sector. Alberta’s landscape makes it ideal for growing crops. It
has 1/5 of Canada’s farmland. Calgary has emerged as a center for this
agribusiness, making farming’s technological advancements and studies on more
efficient, high quality crops a very important part of Calgary’s economy.




10: Travel day

5:40pm- Catch plane to Halifax in Windsor
Airport via Air Canada

10:00pm- Arrive in Halifax and take a cab to
Enterprise Rent-a-car

10:30pm- Check into Halifax Marriott Hotel on
Upper Water St. Suite is $300 a night.


9:00am- Breakfast in hotel.

11:00am- Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Visit the Maritime Atlantic Museum of The
Atlantic for a fun, amazing, history-packed time. You’ll have the opportunity
to look at artifacts salvaged from shipwrecks such as the Titanic. From small
craft boatbuilding to World War Convoys to the Halifax Explosion of 1917,
you’ll find an astounding amount of Nova Scotia’s rich, maritime history.

1:00pm- Lunch at Fredies Fantastic Fishhouse

2:30pm- Halifax Public Gardens

taking a relaxing stroll and take in the beautiful scenery of the flowerbeds,
fountains, and the 140 species of exotic trees that make up the Halifax
Gardens, a 16-acre Victorian paradise in downtown Halifax. Look at some of the
amazing Victorian architecture, or relax and enjoy one of the frequent musical
performances at the bandstand.

4:30pm- Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site lets
you look back in time to explore the history of the fortress and the soldiers
who were stationed there. This 250-year-old hilltop fort is a huge part of
Halifax’s military history, and a must-see destination. Take night tours, fire
authentic military rifles, or take part in the “Soldier for a Day”
activity and in military drills.

6:00pm- Dinner at the Barrington Steakhouse and
Oyster Bar

Check into hotel room. VT5 




9:00am- Breakfast in hotel.

11:00am- Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse

This famous landmark was built in 1915, and is
still a scenic, beautiful area that is a popular destination among tourists in
the Halifax Area. Take in the astonishing sight of the Atlantic Ocean breaking
against the lighthouse’s base. Make sure to take pictures!

1:00pm- Lunch at The Bicycle Thief

2:30pm- Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Slow down and enjoy a waterfront stroll at the
Halifax Boardwalk. All 3.8 kilometers of the boardwalk have beautiful, scenic
sights to take in. Visit a waterfront shop, or be entertained by the plentiful
street performers. This is a must visit attraction, and it makes for a very
enjoyable day outdoors.

4:30pm- Lawrencetown Beach

Enjoy a fun day in the sun at the Lawrencetown
Beach. Lawrencetown Beach is known for its beautiful scenery, even in the
colder times of the year. The park also connects to a walking trail and is part
of the Cole Harbour-Lawrencetown Coastal Heritage Park System, so there’s
plenty more to explore when you’re done watching the waves.

6:00pm- Dinner at the Old Triangle Alehouse

8:00pm- Return to hotel room and prepare to
catch your flight.

13: Travel Day

9:00am- Breakfast at hotel

10:00am- Catch plane to Yellowknife in Halifax
International Airport via Westjet.

9:00 pm- Arrive in Yellowknife Airport and
drive to National Car Rental.

Check into Stanton Suites hotel VT6 



9:00am- Breakfast at hotel

11:00am- Prince of Wales Northern Heritage

The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center
opened in 1979. It was designed to display artifacts, documents, and stories
show the heritage of Yellowknife. Learn about the history that made Yellowknife
what it is today, and the people who shaped that history. Learn about the
wildlife, geography, history of the region, or check out the wide selection of
pieces from famous local artists to view. The Prince of Wales Heritage center
is an amazing place to dive into Yellowknife’s culture at the start of your

1:00pm- Lunch at Sushi North

2:30pm- The Legislative Assembly Building

Take a guided tour through the seat of
government of the Northwest Territories. The building opened in 1993, and is
now an amazing insight into how the territories style of government is
different from the rest of Canada. Taking a guided tour is a fantastic way to
get a better understanding of how it all works, and to see how different ethnic
groups work together. Afterwards, you can observe the art and artifacts that
were an important part of Yellowknife’s and the Northwest Territories history.

4:00pm- Down to Earth Gallery

This artist run-in gallery is well known for
its wide selection of arts and fine crafts. Unique gifts and local art are
plentiful here. Feel free to buy souvenirs, pick out a gift for a friend or
family member, or just look around at some of the beautiful pieces of Northern-Made

Dinner at the Woodyard Brewhouse.VT7 


9:00am- Breakfast at hotel

11:00am- Cameron River Falls Trail

Enjoy the beautiful sight of the raw nature of
Yellowknife’s forests and waterfalls. Take a hike and keep an eye open for some
of the amazing wildlife of the northern side of Canada. The vast expanse of
lush forests and powerful waterfalls will make for a scenic, picture-perfect
morning walk.

1:00pm- Lunch at the Black Knight Pub

Bush Pilot’s Monument

The Bush
Pilot’s Monument is a memorial honoring all of the pilots who lost their lives
during the beginning of Yellowknife’s history. The view from the top is a
fantastic sight, with a perfect sightline of Yellowknife and the surrounding
lake. Bush Pilots were the pilots who flew into Yellowknife before roads were
created in search of adventure, and who in turn played a pivotal role in
developing Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories as a whole. This a must
see, and an important part of Yellowknife’s history.

Nihanni National ParkVT8 

Go white water rafting, visit the crashing
Virginia Falls, take a walk on the Ram Plateau, or rent a rod and catch some
fish. The Nihanni National Park is an endless reserve of nature and fun. Rarely
seen and almost never walked upon, the Ram Plateau is a mesa suspended above a
picturesque wonderland. The Virginia Falls are the sightseeing opportunity of a
lifetime, so witness the raw power of nature with a flight tour. In short, the
Nihanni National Park is an amazing, life changing experience you don’t want to
miss out on.

8:00pm- Dinner at Zehabesha Traditional
Ethiopian Food.

10:00pm- Return to hotel

16: Travel Day

9:00am- Breakfast at hotel

10:10am- Catch plane to Calgary from
Yellowknife Airport

1:30pm- Arrive in Calgary and drive to the
rental car center

2:00pm- Arrive at the Fairmont Palliser. $409 a

2:30pm- Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is an amazing vantage point
of the city, and a great way to start your visit in Calgary. If you want a good
view of all of Calgary and the surrounding region, you should consider visiting
the observation deck and stepping on the glass floor.

4:30pm- Glenbow Museum

There is also a large collection of important
military artifacts, or one of the literal million art exhibits.  Established in 1996, the Glenbow Museum is a
wonderful insight into the indigenous people of North America and their
culture, and is very helpful in understanding how Calgary became what it is

6:00pm- Dinner at Caesar’s Steakhouse and

8:00pm- Return to hotel


9:00am- Breakfast at hotel

10:30am- Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals,
a very large botanical garden, and over 100 different endangered species. Take
part in a behind the scenes tour, or try the keeper-for-a-day experience for a
better insight of how the zoo works. Feed animals, hear experts speak about the
different species of animals at a Creature Feature Program, or just chill with
the penguins. The Calgary Zoo makes for a fun, more relaxing day.


1:00pm- Lunch at Calgary Zoo

Canmore Cave Tours

Take part in a guided cave tour of the Canmore
Caves. Discover the beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites up to ten stories
underground. Climb and crawl through the notorious Rat’s Nest Cave. Enjoy
unique musical performances, guided meditation, and amazing, challenging cave

5:00pm- Dinner at Big T’s Bar-B-Q and Smoke

8:00pm- Return to hotel

18: Travel Day

10:00am- Catch flight from Calgary
International Airport to Windsor, Ontario via Air Canada $226

3:40pm- Plane lands in Windsor. 


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