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Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who was known for her self portraits, which were inspired by Mexican pop culture, had a life full of abuse in physical and emotional ways. From the film, Frida, I was able to observe things that had left major impacts on her life. For instance the accident on the trolley, the emotional abuse with her husband, and even had her toes amputated from her body. From her paintings, you can see that Frida shows a lot of her tragic events that she had endured in her lifetime. For instance, in the painting, Broken Column, it shows the result of the accident in the trolley and showed much detail, as it showed how this incident had shattered her physically and even emotionally. I noticed that in her life, she had a lot more negative sides to her life than positive sides, and with that she was still optimistic as shown in the film. This is what I think was very unique about her, as this could have broken her down and made her give up on her successful future and dreams, but with all of this she went on with her life and is till now one of the most famous artists of her time. Her marriage with Diego was a huge negative factor in her life, from their relationship, to her miscarriage, and etc.  The painting called, Henry Ford Hospital, signifies her pain in the process of her miscarriage. In that painting there are elements surrounding her figure, and each have a symbol that have meanings to them. For instance the snail symbolizes how slow her abortion was and she even drew her the fetus of her child, as in the film they brought the fetus to her but in reality they did not grant her wish and had Diego make illustrations of the fetus for some inspiration for her painting. This painting clearly portrays the sadness that she had endured, as in the painting there is blood and tears flowing from her body. In a lot of her self portraits, she has a straight face with tears running down her face, showing the deep pain she is feeling and how she manages to maintain it. We can compare how the biography was very brief and did not give much detail about Frida’s life, whereas in the film and the paintings, it gives us a sense of emotion and pain that Frida had dealt with. It is as if Frida poured her thoughts and feelings into those paintings, as you can feel the emotion through them. Even in the film, Frida, it was produced to give full detail and insight on her life to give people the exact depiction of the artist’s life. We can conclude that there are even many similarities, like how most of her paintings portray the downsides of her life. In the film, whatever event that had a painting that correlated to it, they showed it, which helped the audience put the pieces together and become more familiar with her artwork. Though in the autobiography, it gave more of a background to Frida’s life and explanations of a few of her paintings. The film may have given much detail on Frida’s life, but there are many important events that were left out, such as the rape incident that had occured in her lifetime and even many lovers of Frida were not included, because they wanted to make sure the audience knew the amount of love she had for Diego. Usually, it is said that the film does not give enough information and detail on whatever the subject is, but this film definitely defied this claim, as I was able to take most of my information and thoughts in Frida Kahlo from this film. From the film, the paintings, and the autobiography, I was able to understand and learn a lot about Frida Kahlo. I have always known her, as she is a very famous painter, but with all of these sources I am now inspired by her and would love to know even more about her. I believe that she was not famous because of her paintings, but because of how she was able to handle her situation and make the best out of her life and turn it into a work of art with touching stories behind each and every one of the paintings. One of my favorite scenes of the film would probably be the last, as I was very moved by the quote that was said by her which said, “I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return.” Her story gives me inspiration and motivation to get through my success with enduring the pain and the tragic parts of life. I enjoyed the film so much and hope to stumble upon many more successful artists with even more moving stories as I feel it gives us a big push in our life to try to do better and make the best in our life to make our mark in this life, as we don’t have much time to suffer and dwell over the past.

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