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Fourteen percent of all cancers cases nowadays is of lung cancer. In the year of 2017 there were one fifty four deaths reported due to lung cancer. About two fifty thousand people die from asthma each year.If these diseases are not taken care of it may have a chance of killing your lungs But as these years go by  more treatments come out for these horrifying diseases. More vaccines,medicines etc have been created for  diseases that end up killing people.Vaccines are very scary but  helpful and makes your body ready to fight any harmful bacteria that enters your body.When you get a vaccine a type of antibiotic enters your body which makes your body ready to fight any type of disease.These vaccines are really helpful and can make you live longer so don’t forget to take your vaccines!Asthma is a really hard disease to treat and there is no actual treatment for the disease but it can be relieved .In asthma your lungs have a sudden attack and the person has a hard time breathing. This deadly disease can be treated with drugs and inhalers.There are some quick medications for instant relief  which can relax the small muscles  around the lungs.The long term medication are for long time.One is corticosteroids which is inflammatory and can be taken in the mouth.Inhalers are also really helpful for asthma. There are different types of inhalers in asthma.The reliever inhalers are for sudden attacks and the preventer inhaler is for underlying inflammation.The treatment for cancer is hard like any other cancer  but it is possible.It cannot be done with just simple surgery.It is a hard and long process and a therapy is used to remove tumor before surgery is done.However the experts from the stanford university have found another way to treat any cancer!It is called CD47 which shrinks your cancer into animals.This method has also been tested on a mice.Another treatment way  is called  chemotherapy.Toxic enters your body and does not allow the harmful bacteria enter and attack in your body.However to avoid all of these treatments the best way is to avoid or stop smoking!Smoking is the primary cause of the cancer.Even secondhand smoking is bad and should be avoided.Influenza is also known as flu.It is caused by the influenza virus.Simple hygiene practices like washing your hands frequently can help control the spread of influenza.There are some antiviral drugs for influenza such asamantadine and rimantadine but the best way to avoid influenza is to get vaccines before hand.Deaths are possible from influenza infections.However physicians can help these infections with antibiotics and drugs.Pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria or viruses.Pneumonia means inflammation of lungs.There are not many treatments for pneumonia.There is a lot of rest required.In mild cases it is not required to go the hospital.There is no specific that has to be taken in viral cases.For bacterial cases there are antibiotics.The vaccinations for influenza can also help in pneumonia.However, doctors recommend it only for elderly people,people with long term illness and people have a big chance of getting pneumonia.There are also some big treatments being made for pneumonia.Although these treatments are growing by years we should be careful and try our best not to fall ill.We should be aware of our surroundings,exercise and have a healthy diet.If these steps are followed we can live a healthy life and avoid these diseases and hard treatments.

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