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FORUM/COMMITTEE: Security Council


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SUBMITTED BY: Kingdom of Saudi


Recalling resolutions
2042 (2012), 2043 (2012), 2118 (2013), 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014), 2170 (2014),
2175 (2014), 2178 (2014), 2191 (2014), 2199 (2015), 2235 (2015), 2249 (2015),
2253 (2015), 2254 (2015), and 2258 (2015) and Presidential Statements of 3
August 2011 (S/PRST/2011/16), 21 March 2012 (S/PRST/2012/6), 5 April 2012
(S/PRST/2012/10), 2 October 2013 (S/PRST/2013/15), 24 April 2015
(S/PRST/2015/10) and 17 August 2015 (S/PRST/2015/15), 

recalling resolution 2043 which resulted in the creation of the United Nations Supervision Mission in
Syria (UNSMIS) until July 20 2012,

Affirming its strong
obligation to the sovereignty, liberation, and territorial integrity of the
Syrian Arab Republic, and to the fundamentals of the UN Charter,  

Noting with
concern the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission in its report on the use of chemical
weapons on the Syrian people, and further
noting with concern that this is an International Crime,

Noting with
appreciation the International Syria Support Group’s (ISSG)
attempts in providing a diplomatic approach to resolving the situation in

Recalling the
successful 1991 Iraqi no-fly-zone and that a no-fly-zone may be possible to
implement in Syria,

Noting with
deep concern the bombing attacks towards the UN convoy on September
20 2016 as an example of one of several war crimes pertaining to the issue of

Demands that the Syrian authorities entirely fulfill
their obligations agreed under international laws, including the rights of the
civilians dwelling within their nation;

Demands that those individuals who have broken
international law, by use of chemical weapons, to be held accountable for their
war crimes as soon as possible, and asks those parties in the Syrian
Arab Republic to cooperate in convicting these individuals for their war

Calls for the implementation and creation
of the immediate safe zones, and no-fly-zones, in Syria, which will include the
following, but not limited to:

10 Experts – to be altered by
the UNSC – On the Situation in Syria (EOSS) who will be decided on by the UNSC,
and who will report directly to the UNSC, who will decide on, but not limited

A set number of UN experts who understand
the geography of the land, etc., and will research appropriate regions where
safe zone(s) may be created,

A set number of UN experts who understand
the current situation in different parts of Syria, and will be responsible for
the research into the transportation of those civilians living in regions other
than those that will contain a safe zone,

Assigning a group of experts
who have succeeded in creating no-fly-zones elsewhere,

Assigning roles to UN
peacekeepers, and perhaps to those experienced in the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria
(UNSMIS), and those experienced in other UN
peacekeeping missions, who may appear to be very helpful,

b.      If possible, a set group of officials from those nations who
are, or have had their sovereignty affected by, or have been adversely affected
by the current crisis who will be chosen by the respective nation at hand, and
will work alongside the UN peacekeepers and experts aforementioned – and to
which, any nation other than those affected may voluntarily contribute;

c.      The
cooperation of the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) to the extent required
by the EOSS;

d.      A time
allocation to be placed on the mission, preferably within 150 days, to be
altered by the UNSC, to ensure the protection of these civilians as soon as

e.      Funding to be
provided by organizations such as the World Bank, and any investing nations;

f.       Inspections,
to be carried out by individuals chosen by the EOSS, will be carried out on
each civilian to ensure that as they enter, they are not carrying weapons,
hence, reducing possibilities of terrorist attacks within the safe zone;

The aid of nations who have dealt with previous
attempts of terrorism, and who have policies which have proven effective in
combatting terrorism would be asked for their support,

g.      Further calls
upon nations to come to common terms in the creation of a safe zone, and to
put aside differing views for the common good of the Syrian people;

h.      Decides that this
zone will have access to humanitarian aid, and that any attack made to this
region in the prevention of allowing such aid to get through will be deemed a
crime against humanity, and any such war crimes that occur will be dealt under
the International Criminal Court;

4.      Decides that any
parties pertaining to the Syrian Arab Republic will allow humanitarian workers
and the UN, in particular UN convoys, access to cross-borders, and shall not,
under any circumstance, hinder their right to give civilians and affected
individuals access to humanitarian aid, and that they shall ensure the safety of
the humanitarian workers regardless of political objectives;

5.      Decides to remain
actively seized on the matter.

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