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FORTRAN also has many natural ways of expressing any given mathematical functions as it happens to permit even the severely complex functions in mathematics to be given as expressions that are simpler and also similarly to the ones used as algebraic notations that are regular. It also happens to be a language that is much of problem orientated as it solves the problem at hand in a clear fashion (Griffiths & Smith, 1991). It does all this by remaining closer to the hardware as it exploits any available hardware for that matter. FORTRAN also manages to attain an efficient execution of data in any system as there is an approximate decrease of about 20% in its efficiency when compared to the general assembly or even the code of the machine in use. It also has the ability of controlling the storage allocation (especially at the time when there was limited memory space to operate at using this programming language (Nyhoff & Sanford, 1997). FORTRAN also provides input or output statements that are of two types. The first one has an explicit specification of the format for the data presentation at the input while the output also has a precise format for display (Griffiths & Smith, 1991). The second type has predetermined formats that are also standard so as to be able to match items within the input or the output list of the compiler. For instance, there is a program such asPRINT *, output-listThis implies that the output-list happens to be the single expression that depicts the list for expressions and then it is separated by the comma. Such expressions could be regarded as constants, or even variables, or even formulae.Such a statement may be applied in another form as follows:PRINT *This implies that there is no any output list being used. Its purpose is to displays various values with items from output list and every PRINT statement happens to produce some newer lines in form of output. Omission of the output list generates a line that is totally blank.ConclusionThe language of FORTRAN can be used in a wider applications variety such as number crunching because of its general algebraic form in the expression of complex functions of mathematics thereby helping in execution of programs in the least time possible. FORTRAN happens to be easier to use and it is also more efficient in processing of various mathematical equations that can be applied in execution of a program. It also helps in solving of scientific, or mathematical and even engineering procedures using the rapid crunching of number.

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