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For Asian-Americans today, there are many problems that we’re worried about, many of which are the same kinds of issues and concerns that other Americans have, such as bullying and fairness in admissions to schools, colleges and universities, and a variety of other kinds of situations including immigration, for instance. As America grew into a more diverse nation, welcoming and embracing foreigners from all around the world, racial discrimination problems endured for countless minority group members. Today, Asian Americans still face stereotypes and are under skepticism as national security risks. For instance, my Filipino uncle needed further investigation at a security check in an airplane terminal, just solely based on his appearance and skin color. Asian-Americans really need to grapple with the significance of attempting to win racial equity for all of us, not just for Asian-Americans. Filipinos as a people have a profound consciousness of civil and political rights, and that our own is an awareness which dates back to our earliest history and which developed and took deep root because of wrongs and cruelties to which our people have been exposed.With respect to social equity, for us Filipinos, we have the dignity of people, where we are always concerned with the wealthiness of people in the third-world country. We seek to repair the injustices that society has inflicted on the poor. My parents, being brought up in the Philippines, have seen neediness happening at many parts of the country and, among many other Filipinos, can easily understand and feel for the poor. Filipinos, like Martin Luther King Jr., act peaceful and don’t utilize battling and wars to take care of our issues, but many of us resolve it through the power of prayer. We believe that the poor deserve respect, the security of their rights, and the ability to participate and to share in God’s good creation. In other words, they deserve justice.

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